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About Julie

As far back as I can recall my passion has been to work intimately with people to alleviate the suffering and pain brought on by this life experience. As a child I imagined I was doctor, nurse, teacher and mother, always focusing my attention on the person before me rather than on my own person within. Believing it was my calling to care for others and neglecting my own self-care, I journeyed down a path that was dark and scary.

I believe the spirit will always provide the opportunity to seek out the light or stumble into the darkness. I stumbled blindly into the darkness investing a bit more than a decade learning the tolerance level of my being by indiscriminately attaching to suffering spirits while under the influence of mind-altering substances. This proved to be my deepest learning ground for I had compromised and sacrificed my body, my mind and my spirit, ending in what some refer to as the "dark night of the soul."

Incredibly, during my lowest point, angels in human form emerged in my life and lovingly guided me from the darkness into the light. My guides persisted in showing me the symbolism of each painful point I had encountered. At last I had the confirmation that this pain was not without substance for my higher good. As I reflect, it is clear that my soul was in its own special kind of university, learning in its own unique way, its strengths and its vulnerabilities.

Being blessed with a loving, progressive and open minded Mother, I have always been allowed to be me. As a child I knew that there was something different in my perception of the human experience. I had difficulties reconciling things that I "knew" with the real world. My psychic ability has been present since childhood, and I have worked and studied to develop my spirit connection in order that I may use this gift of service for the highest good of my world community.

  • Mentorship with Psychic and Energy Worker Pam Cromie, 3 years
  • Shamanic Apprenticeship with Practitioner Leslene della Madre, 2 years
  • Shamanic Apprenticeship skill deepening with Practitioner Sarah Dole, 1 year
  • Certified Hypnotist with the Society of Psycho-Linguistics
  • Certified in Past Lives and the Power of Healing by the Center for Hypnotherapy
  • Certified in the Transformational Healing Method by Center for Hypnotherapy

What We Do


Are you ready for clarity? For answers to life’s tough questions? Interested in hearing from someone on the Other Side? Psychic readings help us to understand choices we have made, what motivated us to make the choices and insight into how to work through difficult places.


Many are familiar with the Law of Attraction made known by the book and movie The Secret. The Law of Attraction basically says that which we think (or feel) about comes about. Affirmations are a form of working with this law. The beauty of the Mastermind process is that in a group of 3-4 people we bring these affirmations to life. By triggering our emotions to become a matching vibration to that which we wish to bring into form we experience heightened flow receptivity and well being.

Introduction to the Mastermind Process

My colleague Candace and I we will give an overview of our experience with the process and demonstrate how it works. This is an experiential event anyone who wants to participate is welcome. No limit to number of guests for 120 minute Presentation.


The colors you choose tell a story of where you've been, where you are, what you are working on and what is drawing you forward.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

School of life

In my line of work as a psychic it is curious how many people want and expect me to know absolutely everything about absolutely everything! If only it were that simple.

Memories of my early life include being mysteriously attractive to anyone with a sad story. From their stories, and then from my testing out their dramatic stories in my own life I was treated to an Earth School lesson plan that taught about low self-esteem and lack of boundaries.
So being psychic should have made this all unnecessary right?

Many of my friends were seemingly without any thred of support from the world except my friendship. Not only friends, boyfriends too! My poor parents suffered through the lot of misfits I brought home, year after year. In retrospect clearly there were specific lessons to be learned from each one of my early "teachers" disguised as friends and boyfriends. I yearned for answers, not for myself but for those I felt I was supposed to help.

The temptation to rely on external sources for the answers is a seduction that is hard to resist. I guarantee the answers you are looking for lie within your being. You say you don't know? What if you did? The reason you say you don't know is because the answer is not the one you want it to be. It is that simple. We want what we want, period. If a client wants me to tell them that they are going to lose 100 pounds with no effort we both know the truth is that it will require their energy to insure success. I do not possess a magic wand that will instantly change your reality, however, we can reveal the information to assist you in identifying what is on your perfect path.

A good reading can get you through to the heart of an issue that is going on in your life and assist you in identifying the root of it. If you have an on going problem with co-workers and think it's always them, we can look at what it is within you that magnetizes these situations to you, consider what lesson you may have to learn from them, get your power back and send you in a new direction. These may not have been the answers exactly that you were wanting but the experience will include giving you options and power to shift and move toward that which you desire. It is uncanny how many times people will tell me that "they already knew" what I am telling them, and I say, "Of course you do!" We know what we want to know. If our knowing is not in agreement with our ego self, we have a little tantrum and say "I don't know! You tell me!!" thereby shifting the responsibility of our knowing onto someone else. It works until it doesn't, until that day that your spirit says to you, "Listen here, I have been telling you for months that your relationship with so and so is over and you are not listening. Now, I will attract a situation to you that will prove to you that which you already know, it's time to be done with him/her." You go about your business and suddenly planted directly in your path is proof that your proof that your information has been correct all along, proof that your relationship with so and so IS over, you just didn't want that to be the answer. I know, it stinks.

The way the Universe presents all of this to me is like this; first we get an idea that so and so is cheating, we squash it down because that makes us feel better. Second, we have a dream or some other intuitive hit that our first intuitive hit was correct, we dismiss it because it is also uncomfortable. During this process we adjust ourselves to becoming more at home with the discomfort because it's really our "imagination". We remove ourselves further and further from our spirit home base and this simultaneously lowers our self-esteem. It is a vicious cycle of denial and non-trust. Finally, when we are presented with the proof that so and so is cheating on us we act all surprised, you know, because we had no idea...right.

Tap, tap, shove. First you get an intuitive tap on the shoulder that something may be wrong, then you get a second intuitive tap on the shoulder, if after these first taps we have not trusted our intuition, we get the shove. The shove is generally much more dramatic and intense but it does get our attention!

We are not arbitrarily picked out to have tough lessons in life, this is life. It is our choice to flow with our innate intuitive process and lessen the blows or paddle upstream and create extra resistance. If you began today to view each challenge as a lesson, like in school, what do you suppose you would be learning? What could the teaching be? If someone gave you all the answers would your knowing be your own? Keep in mind, the teaching will be one that will elevate, enlighten and empower you. When you have identified what your truths are in the lesson, you will pass that lesson and move on with your life. It is a gentle and flowing process when we allow it. It may be that you need some gentle guidance through the white water of your life, if so, ask for it. This is the blessing of living in this time in history; the availability of wise and wonderful energy workers is huge!

You are on your perfect path and when you come to the bumps in the road, I pray for you to have the strength to trust yourself and to know what you know.

May you be blessed.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Twenty pounds ago, I was invisible

Twenty pounds ago I was invisible.

Ten years ago I quit smoking and promptly gained 20 pounds. Three months after quitting smoking I became pregnant with my daughter and gained another 43 pounds, a grand total of 63 pounds. My third pregnancy began in my 38th year. The doctors called me a geriatric mother due to the fact that when my daughter graduates high school I will be retirement age. Gee, thanks doc!

Being an eternal optimist I waited for a few years for the weight to just go away. This was not one of my more successful optimistic thoughts!

I tried a strong exercise, small meal program with my husband. He was wildly successful and I lost about a half an ounce. A couple of years after that I tried a low carb plan which surprisingly was a good match for me. At this time I was only down 10 pounds from my delivery weight, I was depressed and very sad inside my skin. The extra weight was like a body barrier, it kept most people away. I would occasionally indulge myself with self-pity and harshly judge those who were obviously repulsed by my fat. If they weren't so judgmental about body image they would have the courage and integrity to make eye contact or smile at me. Yes, I was invisible.

It is an odyssey to suddenly become attractive and noticed and to feel so sincerely that I am still the same person who wore that body barrier. Or am I?

Today while at the grocery store there was a man who thought it completely appropriate to stare shamelessly and attempt to proposition me, it sent my mind reeling; why is it suddenly OK for a complete stranger to approach me in this personal and intimate manner? The woman behind the deli counter scrambled to help me feel safe under his overt sexual innuendo and we were both left feeling slightly violated I believe. So is it me or is it "them" creating and validating my self-pity?

Self-pity has no place on the healing path of weight loss, trauma recovery, financial woes or any issue that requires our presence and attention. Self-pity is like taking the air out of our own cars tires and then expecting the car to run smoothly. Was it true that I was invisible to others when I was more overweight? Or is it true that I used that body barrier as just that, a barrier to protect myself from the crass and intrusive energy I felt today at the deli? Either way, I let myself be taken by the negative gravitational pull of the media influence and my self-image.

This is not my first trip from fat to thin and this is not my first time examining this exact issue however I have a few more miles and a lot more wisdom than I did 20 years ago when it first occurred. Two decades and three children later my position has shifted.

My body is just that, my body. I am no safer or vulnerable than I believe myself to be. My body was reflecting clearly that my boundaries were weak. My self-discipline and self respect were cloaked in layers of fat that drown out my inner sparkle. After a life-altering hip injury 4 years ago, I resigned myself to live the story of a broken but good woman that "couldn't" exercise.

Five months ago I felt the welling up inside to reclaim my sparkle. I want to shine and I want to be attractive. I want to look in the mirror and see the face and body that match the heart and spirit that is me. In the almost 9 years since my daughter was born, my inner world has undergone a complete transformation. The fear that I may have felt in the past by the man at the deli is now simply an understanding that while he may choose to express himself without boundaries, I can choose to witness his humanity, not my vulnerability. In reality he did not harm me. In order to shine we must undergo a thorough scrubbing where we wash away our illusion that outer attractiveness has soul power. Soul power is what we gain while being scrubbed vigorously by life. Soul power is what is gained when we put our shoulders back, slip into those size 10's, 14's, 16's or 18's and make no apologies for the size of our current body. We are, in every moment doing the best that we can with the information we possess.

It has been a beautiful unfoldment to feel my ribs begin to reveal themselves again, to see the curves in my legs return and best of all to find my well hidden waistline! When I look in the mirror I recognize those eyes, yes they have some laugh lines and perhaps the grooves beside my smile are a bit deeper, but there a smile.

It is comfortable to live within my boundaries for they are not the edge-less reality of an unhealthy body with an unhealthy matching mind. My boundaries include feeding my wonderfully resilient body with whole healthy foods, lots and lots of water, supporting my inner systems with proper supplements and opening my spirit to receive the wisdom and love available everywhere I turn.

May you be greeted with joyous smiles and love today.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Prayer and the Other Side

In the last 2 years my son Ben has known 6 people who passed away, 5 of them teens and early 20's died in automobile accidents. Sprinkled around Sonoma County highways and back roads are private memorials in honor of those who have passed. The helplessness I felt as a mother watching my son and his friends grieve and then grieve again was staggering. Not knowing what would best support anyone involved I decided to pray. I prayed everytime I passed a roadside memorial. I prayed for the blessing and healing of the spirit who had passed there. I prayed for the blessing and healing of all the family and friends connected to them. This brought me some peace and a new motto, when you don't know what to do, surrender and pray. This was divine guidance working through me though I had no idea how potent it was until months later.

I wad hired to do a Healing Circle not far from home. The Healing Circle involves a few friends getting together and being present to witness their friends receive mini-psychic readings.
They are an incredible mode of work as everyone involved usually receives some other tid bit that is meaningful to them while listening to another persons reading! It is always an honor to be welcomed into someones home and even more so to be welcomed in to their hearts.

Being a Medium involves delivering messages from the Other Side and this particular evening there was a young man who's name started with a "J" who had passsed in an accident. It did not resonate to the person I was reading at the moment but when I completed that reading one of the other guests spoke up. "I think that young man who's name started with a "J" is my son's friend Josue, he died in a car accident last year." There was an instant rush of confirmation within my body, yes, this is Josue coming through for your son.

Josue's accident occured less than 1 mile from my home. He had a beautiful memorial that was impeccably tended to and had been for nearly a year. It is safe to say that I had literally spoken hundreds of prayers on behalf of Josue and his family as I pass his accident sight many times per day.

The messages for his friend were consistent with many I receive, they are messages of comfort
and encouragement. When we receive these blessings of contact from the other side they always are trying to get us to lighten up! When our vibration is heavy and slow it is like they receive a busy signal trying to get through to us. Trust me, even if you have not felt as though you have heard from a loved one, they are sending you signs, signals and/or messages to support you and lift your spirits through your grieving process. The unanimous message I hear from them is this, "Only my body is gone, I am not gone." Josue's messages that night were no different. It was important to him that no one blame the driver of the accident that it was "his time" to leave his body. He also wanted to stress that he did not suffer and was welcomed immediately Home by loving ancestral spirits.

My life leading up to this evening had been filled with questions along the lines of "What am I doing?", "What benefit do I really give in my work?", some soul searching had been going on. What occured next was life changing; as I began to close with Josue he stopped me and said, "Thank you for the prayers." I burst into tears as my entire being was filled with the warmest most comforting energy I had ever felt, I was receiving his gratitude.
In a matter of seconds I had confirmation that each and every prayer I had spoken aloud and in silence had been received, and yes, prayer is the most powerful ally you have when you just don't know what else to do.

I pray that for today, you will choose to be open to receive the love and support that surrounds you at all moments in time.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Heart of the Spirit

Almost two years ago it became apparent that a web site was going to be needed in order for me to try to "grow" my business. Of course the idea of "growing" my business seemed odd, wouldn't it be easier to just add water?

So I sat at my computer searching through Go Daddy for probably an hour or more, trying title after title only to be shot down with each attempt! Wow, this is frustrating business! How do I accurately get a good title for my web site that depicts easily and quickly what my work is about...a title that no one else has chosen yet? I was completely naive and did not realize that not only do you need to pay someone to hold your name for you, then you have to pay someone else to hold your web site for you, and just in case someone else wants to horn in on your good name you need to not only reserve .com, but you must also be sure to reserve .org and .net each with their own annual fees. Holy smokes.

So as I began to grow weary of this process my daughter, who was 6 at the time pipes up with,

"Heart of the Spirit." Yes, period, that was it. Apparently I was sitting there being a slow thinking dense adult when to her the name had been obvious all along, she practically rolled her eyes! And so it is, Thanks Jaz. xox

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


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Just amazing!!!
I was referred by a friend and was amazed!!! You would have thought Julie and I were friends forever. It was not awkward at all. She pegged the issues that were going on in my life, I could not believe it. Not that my life is so different than others however she was very specific and actually used the same adjectives to describe the certain people and events. She gave me specific direction on things to do. Which when I have done other type of these things I don't feel I got. AMAZING!!!  S.P.

I have been going for a little over two years, Julie has been right on everything and every level. Amazing and true spirit, she finds the soul and truth and no question goes unanswered. So this year I am to find faith, I did that in Julie!!! Missi S.

Told me I'm ready!
Julie helped me clear the fear that has been keeping me from starting my business. She gave me specific steps which I'm following. I am very excited about breaking through the old barriers! A.K.

The road less traveled
I have been seeing Julie for the past 3 years and the good and the bad I am on a road less traveled. I'm at a place I never thought I would be but this path has taught me lessons I will never forget. Julie as guided me on this path and has given me the strength I need knowing that I am not alone. She validates my feelings and encourages me to keep moving forward. M.C.

Saying Hello instead of Goodbye
Thank you for seeing me on such short notice. ;) I came knowing I wanted to connect with my dad; I was expecting it to be a memorial but got a conversation. I left feeling him with me and know now that he is with me now. My heart feels fulfilled and I am happy with the results. Thank you for exploring with me and helping me find answers to many questions, which has given me peace of mind. Pamela G., CA

A look into my future is what you gave me...
I so enjoyed my time spent with you! I have gone through a lot in the past couple of years and had a lot of questions in regards to my future. Talking with you really helped me believe that everything I want out of life is coming my way. You helped me reconnect with a dear friend and his words truly brought me peace and comfort. I cannot thank you enough for answering some of my prayers and questions! B. Maier, CA

I enjoyed our phone session so much last week. Right away you knew what was going on in my life. You answered my questions truthfully. You explained things to me well. I look forward to working with you again in the near future!! I would recommend you to anyone looking for your services!!! Thanks so much! Rose B. Santa Rosa, CA

I just want to thank you for putting certain things in order for me. I knew in my heart but needed to be told . I hope I have the strength to do what needs to be done. Sharon A., Rohnert Park, CA

Fantastic Lady. Like always, Julie works well with what ever situation she has been dealt. My daughter felt at ease and she explained the process and it was a success. Thank you for your kind heart and how much you give to heal others. A. Ricci, Santa Rosa, CA

Julie immediately put me at ease as the information from her guides began to flow freely. What was revealed in my reading made me laugh, cry (in a good way!), and leave feeling at peace. My experience overall was outstanding and I feel blessed to have found Julie! Nicole C. San Diego, CA

Most Enlightening Experience!
After just one hour with Julie, I am seeing my life in a whole new light. She made me really think about my current situation and what I can do to improve it. I feel very lucky that I was able to cross paths with Julie and will definitely be seeing her again. Thank you, Julie! Laura S. Alameda, CA

A generous spirit Julie is a loving and generous spirit. You sense a calmness and peacefulness as soon as you meet her, that spills over onto you. She has a very special gift and is truly an angel on earth. She makes you feel good about yourself and empowers you to do whatever you think you can. Mary B. Rohnert Park

Julie is AMAZING I recently had my first conversation with Julie and it was the most eye opening, enlightening, thought provoking conversations I have ever had. She is able to answer questions you think have no real answers and she knows exactly how to ease your heart and spirit. She gives you a better understanding about life, which makes you feel lighter. The best word to describe her is amazing. After have such an amazing first conversation with her, I am already trying to figure out a good time to have another.
Heather L. San Jose, CA

Julie is gifted!!! I felt so much lighter when I left and then went home and took care of myself. You are truly gifted and I so appreciate being validated about every point about what I came to explore. The way you listen is so compassionate, sincere and light-hearted all at once. Thank you for such a gift!!! Sally C. Rohnert Park

I always leave Julie feeling realigned and re-vitalized. She helps me to see myself from fresh perspectives and taps me back in to all the guidance I can access on my own. Her intuitions and messages either confirm my own or give me a new angle to consider. I am so happy she is willing to share her gifts! Laura W. San Francisco

"I don't even know where to begin to thank you for the tremendous experience yesterday!
If there are any words at all.....just know that I am filled with excitement....anticipation.....and a peace that comes from my very core. And for this I am so grateful. I wish that I could convey to you...all that I feel.....and believe me....I usually am not without words! :).
Thank you for your courage to be who you are and do what you do. Thank you for your kindness and gentle way of walking me through the experience yesterday. I am so thankful to have that "fiesty" little girl back with me. It makes me smile hugely just thinking about what you said about her.
I have much much less fear and I feel that I have a keep with the hypnotic CD every day and to just get back my strength physically. The relief I feel is huge. I just thank you for this gift you have given me to BE right here....just as I am....feeling much more complete than I ever have in my life. I appreciate the simpleness in listening to your CD every day, taking care of myself nutritionally, and just allowing myself to embrace all that happened yesterday with complete and utter acceptance of what is. It is a blessed feeling. With much much gratitude." Wendy S. Petaluma, CA

"For many years I have been searching for someone who would be able to understand me and give me guidance regarding my own psychic gifts. As a child I was told my insights were "ridiculous." Now people notice the intensity of what is going on with me. Having been raised in the deep religious South, I have also felt for a long time that I might be "sinning" if I engaged in this psychic-medium world. That was simply because I was uneducated. Through prayer and deep discussion with dear friends, I began to follow my perfect path which now includes accepting my gifts. I feel as if I have been directed to you for guidance Julie. Your compassion and wilingness to work with me, and especially your patience, has empowered me to a point of less fear and resistance as well as an exciting desire to learn more about myself, others and the world. I believe it is time to usher in peace and many people are being called to do just that. I believe you are one of those people and I give thanks for you every day. The time you've spent with me, teaching me, has been such an honor. The way you offer yourself to the world is what it is all about, you are truly loving unconditionally. You are a humble vessel allowing energy to pour through you. By the way, thanks for the laughter! That alone can soothe a wear soul searcher. Thank you for assisting in empowering me to continue on my path in life. Now in seminary, I hope to take what i have learned and to continue on my path. Mostly Julie, thank you for having such faith and confidence in me.

Beth, Florida

"I am in awe of Julie’s talent and psychic intuitiveness. She extends her compassion and skill to every client she sees. She has a healthy sense of humor mixed in kindness. Julie is warm and lively and makes you feel good just watching her work. I would recommend her to anybody wanting to know how to make themselves function better in this confusing world or wanting to know how they arrived at this stage of their lives and what their purpose is."

Nancy L. Vogler

"My first reading with Julie was in the Spring. The friend I went with had a previous readings done by other people. This was my first true reading. In listening to what Julie had to say, I realized the vagueness in my life was becoming clear and meaning sprung from my inner questions. What clenched it for me was when Julie asked me "Did you recently change your name?" Only my family and friends knew I had legally changed my middle name just a couple months before the reading. How did she know? Apparently, my guides told her this and said it was an important step in my life, and indeed it was. I knew Julie was for real and that her gift is true.
My second reading was just last month over the phone. I was curious how she would start the reading and I was pleasantly surprised that it started out the same way. Once again, she was right on target. I moved out of the area and the guidance she has given me has been invaluable to my new job and my life in general. She told me that the job I start today is not a long-lived job. This validated the feeling I had after the interview and job offer. She was on target with other aspects of my life as well. Julie is great. I plan to have future reading by her as I transition through my life. She is a gem, she is sincere, and she is for real. May you always be blessed Julie and thank you!"

Linda M., San Diego

"Out of this world, would be an accurate expression to use to describe a session with Julie Johnston. Acting as a conduit to our past, present, and future, her amazing gift opens the doors to our spirits so we may soar to our destiny with them. The comfort, peace of mind and personal fulfillment of this experience is a little piece of 'Heaven on Earth' we all so desperately need to keep adding our light to the sum of light."

Angela Briguglio, Santa Rosa, CA

"We are taught that effective Spirit communication, whether it be with loved ones on the Other Side, or with our own Spirit for knowledge and healing purposes, is bourne of LOVE. Love in fact, is the only language used in the light side of the Spirit Realm. Julie Johnston is an awesome and effective healer, communicator, teacher and guide, because of the pure love she allows to flow through her as she works with the person before her. Julie is without a doubt, the most accurate, positive, and effective soul worker I have witnessed. You will come away from a session with Julie either private or in a group, with your own vibration raised, feeling positive, empowered and refreshed, for you have just encountered the Spirit of Heaven."

Kimberly Mercier, Healdsburg, CA