Monday, October 29, 2007

Heart of the Spirit

Almost two years ago it became apparent that a web site was going to be needed in order for me to try to "grow" my business. Of course the idea of "growing" my business seemed odd, wouldn't it be easier to just add water?

So I sat at my computer searching through Go Daddy for probably an hour or more, trying title after title only to be shot down with each attempt! Wow, this is frustrating business! How do I accurately get a good title for my web site that depicts easily and quickly what my work is about...a title that no one else has chosen yet? I was completely naive and did not realize that not only do you need to pay someone to hold your name for you, then you have to pay someone else to hold your web site for you, and just in case someone else wants to horn in on your good name you need to not only reserve .com, but you must also be sure to reserve .org and .net each with their own annual fees. Holy smokes.

So as I began to grow weary of this process my daughter, who was 6 at the time pipes up with,

"Heart of the Spirit." Yes, period, that was it. Apparently I was sitting there being a slow thinking dense adult when to her the name had been obvious all along, she practically rolled her eyes! And so it is, Thanks Jaz. xox

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