Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Prayer and the Other Side

In the last 2 years my son Ben has known 6 people who passed away, 5 of them teens and early 20's died in automobile accidents. Sprinkled around Sonoma County highways and back roads are private memorials in honor of those who have passed. The helplessness I felt as a mother watching my son and his friends grieve and then grieve again was staggering. Not knowing what would best support anyone involved I decided to pray. I prayed everytime I passed a roadside memorial. I prayed for the blessing and healing of the spirit who had passed there. I prayed for the blessing and healing of all the family and friends connected to them. This brought me some peace and a new motto, when you don't know what to do, surrender and pray. This was divine guidance working through me though I had no idea how potent it was until months later.

I wad hired to do a Healing Circle not far from home. The Healing Circle involves a few friends getting together and being present to witness their friends receive mini-psychic readings.
They are an incredible mode of work as everyone involved usually receives some other tid bit that is meaningful to them while listening to another persons reading! It is always an honor to be welcomed into someones home and even more so to be welcomed in to their hearts.

Being a Medium involves delivering messages from the Other Side and this particular evening there was a young man who's name started with a "J" who had passsed in an accident. It did not resonate to the person I was reading at the moment but when I completed that reading one of the other guests spoke up. "I think that young man who's name started with a "J" is my son's friend Josue, he died in a car accident last year." There was an instant rush of confirmation within my body, yes, this is Josue coming through for your son.

Josue's accident occured less than 1 mile from my home. He had a beautiful memorial that was impeccably tended to and had been for nearly a year. It is safe to say that I had literally spoken hundreds of prayers on behalf of Josue and his family as I pass his accident sight many times per day.

The messages for his friend were consistent with many I receive, they are messages of comfort
and encouragement. When we receive these blessings of contact from the other side they always are trying to get us to lighten up! When our vibration is heavy and slow it is like they receive a busy signal trying to get through to us. Trust me, even if you have not felt as though you have heard from a loved one, they are sending you signs, signals and/or messages to support you and lift your spirits through your grieving process. The unanimous message I hear from them is this, "Only my body is gone, I am not gone." Josue's messages that night were no different. It was important to him that no one blame the driver of the accident that it was "his time" to leave his body. He also wanted to stress that he did not suffer and was welcomed immediately Home by loving ancestral spirits.

My life leading up to this evening had been filled with questions along the lines of "What am I doing?", "What benefit do I really give in my work?", some soul searching had been going on. What occured next was life changing; as I began to close with Josue he stopped me and said, "Thank you for the prayers." I burst into tears as my entire being was filled with the warmest most comforting energy I had ever felt, I was receiving his gratitude.
In a matter of seconds I had confirmation that each and every prayer I had spoken aloud and in silence had been received, and yes, prayer is the most powerful ally you have when you just don't know what else to do.

I pray that for today, you will choose to be open to receive the love and support that surrounds you at all moments in time.

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