Saturday, December 29, 2007


About Julie

As far back as I can recall my passion has been to work intimately with people to alleviate the suffering and pain brought on by this life experience. As a child I imagined I was doctor, nurse, teacher and mother, always focusing my attention on the person before me rather than on my own person within. Believing it was my calling to care for others and neglecting my own self-care, I journeyed down a path that was dark and scary.

I believe the spirit will always provide the opportunity to seek out the light or stumble into the darkness. I stumbled blindly into the darkness investing a bit more than a decade learning the tolerance level of my being by indiscriminately attaching to suffering spirits while under the influence of mind-altering substances. This proved to be my deepest learning ground for I had compromised and sacrificed my body, my mind and my spirit, ending in what some refer to as the "dark night of the soul."

Incredibly, during my lowest point, angels in human form emerged in my life and lovingly guided me from the darkness into the light. My guides persisted in showing me the symbolism of each painful point I had encountered. At last I had the confirmation that this pain was not without substance for my higher good. As I reflect, it is clear that my soul was in its own special kind of university, learning in its own unique way, its strengths and its vulnerabilities.

Being blessed with a loving, progressive and open minded Mother, I have always been allowed to be me. As a child I knew that there was something different in my perception of the human experience. I had difficulties reconciling things that I "knew" with the real world. My psychic ability has been present since childhood, and I have worked and studied to develop my spirit connection in order that I may use this gift of service for the highest good of my world community.

  • Mentorship with Psychic and Energy Worker Pam Cromie, 3 years
  • Shamanic Apprenticeship with Practitioner Leslene della Madre, 2 years
  • Shamanic Apprenticeship skill deepening with Practitioner Sarah Dole, 1 year
  • Certified Hypnotist with the Society of Psycho-Linguistics
  • Certified in Past Lives and the Power of Healing by the Center for Hypnotherapy
  • Certified in the Transformational Healing Method by Center for Hypnotherapy

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