Sunday, January 6, 2008

The circle is closing in

Have you ever had an experience in which you felt totally happy for someone and simultaneously felt very sad for yourself? It is an interesting place to be.

Recently someone close was blessed financially, very sweetly blessed.

I felt genuine joy for their good fortune recognizing that they had been through really tough times, physically, financially, emotionally and spiritually in recent years, it was such a great thing to witness them realizing this form of relief.

After giving myself a little time for the news to soak in I found my vibration sinking lower and lower to the point of tears. What were these tears for? Was this self-pity, feeling sorry for myself for still being broke and everyone else passing me by? Yes, in part this was true. The other part of these tears significance was shear frustration. My life has been guided by what is now called, "The Law of Attraction". As a young girl my Mom told me with conviction that "You create your own reality by the thoughts you hold in consciousness". It didn't mean a whole lot at 14 years old but it was a frequently repeated mantra in our home.

As I have matured into accepting responsibility for truly creating my own reality this expression has proven to be the basis of truth which I live by.

After 3 days of a particularly resistant sadness I confided in a friend the events that had taken place recently. Her words to me shifted everything and I would like to share them with you. She said, "The circle is closing in. It is getting closer to you. The closer the abundance gets to you the surer you can be that it will touch you." Wow, of course! I had heard this before but at the time it did not exactly fit for me, this time it did.

I immediately began with an affirmation something to the effect of, "It is wonderful to feel financial relief and abundance." I did not specify exactly what I wanted but of course a fat check out of the blue would be great. It seemed important that I not limit my ability to manifest and receive by some puny expectation that my conscious mind might allow me to have. Each time I felt that shadow creeping up from behind me I reiterated my mantra to myself, and it truly is wonderful to feel financial relief and abundance.

As have most people I know, we have struggled financially for the last few years. Each month going deeper and deeper into credit card debt. I knew and believed and could feel with my whole being that it truly is wonderful to feel financial relief and abundance! Within a week we would realize this from a completely unexpected place! What a joy it was to recognize that indeed the Universe did hear me and match the vibration I was emitting by setting us up with financial relief and abundance. No, it wasn't a big fat check - it was better!

My brother and sister-in-law from my first marriage had a litter of puppies and they wanted to give our daughter one. I checked with our landlord and she said "no". Prepared to forgo the puppy I went to my brother and sister-in-law and told them the news. As luck would have it, on that very same day they were evicting the woman who had been living in the rental for some time and, did we want to rent it? At an almost 50% savings on our rent? It was a no-brainer.

We are now living around the corner from two people that I love dearly, reduced rent and of course best of all, an adorable little puppy for my daughter to love.

So my friend was right, the circle did indeed close in and give me riches beyond anything I would have thought to ask for. I am again closely connected to one of the dearest friends I will ever have in my life and that is something that money just can't buy.

It is wonderful to feel financial freedom and abundance.

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