Monday, March 2, 2009

Mom knows best.

Growing up I had only a vague awareness of the depth of my mothers wisdom. She spoke in a language that was completely different than that of my friends moms. In witnessing interactions with my friends and their parents I have distinct memories of blame, shame and guilt. Many times I can recall knowing that my friends were being trapped by their parents in some not so clever and not so disguised word play. It was one of the shortcomings of being a psychic child - I didn't really know why I knew that their communications were twisted, I just did. I did not spend as much time at my friends homes as they did at mine, my mom offered home made wonderful food, space and unconditional love and the kids could feel the difference.

In my pre-teen years my mom was meditating, going to a psychic meditation monthly with a woman who was just breaking on to the scene, Betty Bethards - many of you know she eventually made a name for herself. I thank Betty for the teaching she gave my mom, and for opening a door that would be the one I would step through much later in life.

Mom read constantly. When she wasn't studying for her college classes, (she worked her way through junior college and Cal Berkeley while raising 3 kids) she was reading Edgar Cayce and the like. To say she was progressive is an understatement though I did not know then.

Mixed with all her maternal goodness were many new age truths that were in the early 1970's just beginning to emerge. The pearls of wisdom my mother bestowed on me are many - I spread them liberally.

Nearly 40 years before the release of "The Secret" my mom told me that "You create your reality by the beliefs you hold in consciousness." Huh - I for sure didn't get it back then though it is a gem today isn't it? What you think about, you bring about. Simple. Ok, then if it's so simple how do I get from here, to over there where I'm sure things are waaaay better?

One of the pearls of my mothers wisdom said this; "The person who knows better has to do and be better." What did this mean? As many young women my generation we still believed we were going to get married and be "taken care of". This belief of course led to many disappointments.

Why in my love relationships, did I have to be the teacher? The leader? Why did I experience grief by losing my father before all my friends? Why did I experience abuse first hand? Why in heavens name did I slip to the depths of hell? Now I know that I was becoming the person who knew "better". It was by going through these life situations that I learned a great deal, and incorporated moms wisdom into the work I do today.

Each difficult and challenging situation holds a pearl, a dose of wisdom medicine intended to deliver us from here to there, which of course becomes the new here!
Take heart when you have just conquered a tough lesson only to meet up with a new one, it simply means it is time for your next dose of wisdom medicine! We are being called upon individually and collectively to be "better", to muster the courage, to accept responsibility for being the change we wish to see in the world. The journey is much scarier when we attempt to side-step our path and wait for someone else to make the difference. It is never, ever about what someone else is doing or not doing, it is always about you. All the power of change exists within you and if you are reading this email, I know that you have already stepped onto the path of empowerment and growth.

May you be blessed today and all days to receive your loving dose of wisdom, compassion and mercy. Welcome to the reality of being, doing and feeling better.