Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Change is in the air and vibrating down through to our core. As we continue down life's road we confront situations and lessons that provide great challenge and discomfort. It has been apparent that collectively we are all making big decisions. These choices may appear small however, the shifts we are making will transform the manner in which we conduct ourselves in relationship for all time.
Many of you are choosing freedom of choice, speech and expression - sound familiar? I believe that we are progressing down a path in which each of us choose to be fully expressed without censorship. We are changing the rules of our lives and in turn changing the rules of our relationships. All of this shifting may have some feeling left behind, confused or excluded. We owe it to ourselves to compassionately explain our shifts when desirable and release any and all need to defend them. A single powerful sign of growth, change and empowerment is to release the need to defend yourself - to anyone. The truth you are living is intimate.
There will be people and situations you leave behind, those that do not support or enhance your growth, this is nature. Forever is left only to the spirit. When we notice that relationships we had marked as "permanent" and "forever" are coming to an end, we can know that this is all part of the process of evolution. There truly is no need to point fingers of blame about why things have grown apart, it is simply a part of living, it is healthy to shed.
Whatever space becomes available as a result of those changes may now be filled with experiences that are a vibrational match to you.
As always, listen to your intuition and allow yourself to be divinely guided to and from the situations in life that do not support your feeling of abundant well being.
If anywhere along this path I may be of service to you, please do contact me.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Breaking Illusion, the painful trip back to reality

Have you ever been in a relationship, long term or otherwise and you come to the day when you realize that that person you have connected to is not who you believed them to be? Perhaps you held this person in high esteem, believed them to be of impeccable integrity only to find out that in these characteristics were the illusion?

I have been recognizing betrayal lately as a theme among clients. I believe in addition to betrayal we are discovering the breaking of illusion. It is occurring from the highest levels of government and big business all the way down to us, the individuals. I believe that what occurs globally is the outward expression of that which we are being called to work on individually. We have been oppressed by a group that hold themselves separate and above the majority yet, if we were to take our own inventory we may find that we have allowed ourselves the same leeway that large corporations have. A little white lie here or there, who’s going to know? The Universe does indeed know. We may choose to turn a blind eye to behaviors our people close to us may engage in, behavior that is less than honorable, but in that same moment, we are lending our energy to the support of that behavior. A stretch you say? Until we choose to show our backbone as individuals, we may expect business as usual. It is neither comfortable nor desirable to have to call a friend or family member on their “stuff”. Neither is it acceptable to continue status quo.

What I refer to in calling someone on their “stuff” is not to the open door to judge their behavior, more exactly, it is to judge your behavior. Is it in alignment for you to participate in a relationship where you have witnessed the breaking of your illusion? Can you remain connected to this person in spite of the new light that has shone on them?

This is a big time of divorcing ourselves from behavior that does not support who we are today. Perhaps the relationship fit in the past and now you have grown in two directions, it happens. I urge you to use maturity and compassion as you walk through the divorces of your life. They come not only in marriage but in friendship and employment as well. Be honest with yourself. Did you let things slide in the past that you can no longer allow? Ultimately it is about you, not the other person.

As anger arises over your feeling of betrayal over who that person truly is, you owe it to yourself to look at where you allowed the first instance of your boundaries to blur. It is about you. It is about keeping your “house” clean.
Every choice matters. Choose carefully which missions you send your energy out to support and accept personal responsibility for the results which you are then “married” to. The energetic missions are akin to a vow, that which we commit ourselves to we are a part of. In the acceptance of your part of the break in illusion, you accept responsibility for releasing the past and reaffirming where you are most happy to commit your energetic ties.

We are all a work in progress learning in our own individual way. The pain of ending relationships could be somewhat softened when we accept that the next time we are tempted to blur our boundaries, or allow a relationship in that is not a good match, we have the power to say “no” to compromising our values and move on.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy June

Greetings friends and happy June to you! As I write the sun is peeking through my window and outside drying the rain that fell this morning - what? It's June right? The promise of warmth and sunshine prompts me to share a message of optimism and hope for our summer season.

Has your world produced evidence for you that says things are looking up? Could be something major like a new job? New relationship? Old relationship feeling new again? Been set free from an unhealthy relationship? Have you noticed tiny little thoughts of hope? Acknowledgement of your worth through community support? What is it for you?

Is the new vibration elusive to you? That's ok too! Our life is the result of our thoughts. Do your thoughts allow space for change? For shift and flow? Or do your thoughts repeat the "it is hard" message? As you affirm consciously and subconsciously that any process of life is "hard" we surrender our power. We have mastered the ability to talk ourselves out of growth and into being hard, we can, with the same repetitive effort talk ourselves into ease and grace!

Here's a little practice picked up along my path; anytime the message you experience is "hard", release that message and all it's baggage into a beautiful pink balloon and let it go. Repeat as necessary! That may be once, or it may be a hundred times repeated! It is worth the effort. We didn't consciously realize we were convincing ourselves to believe life is hard, but we can consciously create thoughts that say life can flow. The pink represents love, and the release represents surrender to all that is. Trust that this practice can create a new opening for a new, higher and more comfortable vibration to take root within your being.

Sending you a big started bouquet of pink balloons for your new feelings of life and light to bloom.

May you blessed to receive the light and love that lingers near you always!