Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Change is in the air and vibrating down through to our core. As we continue down life's road we confront situations and lessons that provide great challenge and discomfort. It has been apparent that collectively we are all making big decisions. These choices may appear small however, the shifts we are making will transform the manner in which we conduct ourselves in relationship for all time.
Many of you are choosing freedom of choice, speech and expression - sound familiar? I believe that we are progressing down a path in which each of us choose to be fully expressed without censorship. We are changing the rules of our lives and in turn changing the rules of our relationships. All of this shifting may have some feeling left behind, confused or excluded. We owe it to ourselves to compassionately explain our shifts when desirable and release any and all need to defend them. A single powerful sign of growth, change and empowerment is to release the need to defend yourself - to anyone. The truth you are living is intimate.
There will be people and situations you leave behind, those that do not support or enhance your growth, this is nature. Forever is left only to the spirit. When we notice that relationships we had marked as "permanent" and "forever" are coming to an end, we can know that this is all part of the process of evolution. There truly is no need to point fingers of blame about why things have grown apart, it is simply a part of living, it is healthy to shed.
Whatever space becomes available as a result of those changes may now be filled with experiences that are a vibrational match to you.
As always, listen to your intuition and allow yourself to be divinely guided to and from the situations in life that do not support your feeling of abundant well being.
If anywhere along this path I may be of service to you, please do contact me.

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