Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy June

Greetings friends and happy June to you! As I write the sun is peeking through my window and outside drying the rain that fell this morning - what? It's June right? The promise of warmth and sunshine prompts me to share a message of optimism and hope for our summer season.

Has your world produced evidence for you that says things are looking up? Could be something major like a new job? New relationship? Old relationship feeling new again? Been set free from an unhealthy relationship? Have you noticed tiny little thoughts of hope? Acknowledgement of your worth through community support? What is it for you?

Is the new vibration elusive to you? That's ok too! Our life is the result of our thoughts. Do your thoughts allow space for change? For shift and flow? Or do your thoughts repeat the "it is hard" message? As you affirm consciously and subconsciously that any process of life is "hard" we surrender our power. We have mastered the ability to talk ourselves out of growth and into being hard, we can, with the same repetitive effort talk ourselves into ease and grace!

Here's a little practice picked up along my path; anytime the message you experience is "hard", release that message and all it's baggage into a beautiful pink balloon and let it go. Repeat as necessary! That may be once, or it may be a hundred times repeated! It is worth the effort. We didn't consciously realize we were convincing ourselves to believe life is hard, but we can consciously create thoughts that say life can flow. The pink represents love, and the release represents surrender to all that is. Trust that this practice can create a new opening for a new, higher and more comfortable vibration to take root within your being.

Sending you a big started bouquet of pink balloons for your new feelings of life and light to bloom.

May you blessed to receive the light and love that lingers near you always!

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