Monday, August 31, 2009

Are we really stuck?

What is the lesson in being stuck; in a relationship, a job, a mindset? Is it really impossible to move on? Are we really stuck? Many are experiencing this lesson in contrast. Are you feeling done with the relationship, job, dis-empowering thought?

As in all of life, we may choose to keep our focus tuned into the knowledge that we possess the divine power of free will choice. We can, at any moment decide that we are stuck or understand that perhaps we are in the process of learning from our current situation and it is serving our soul development.

To be stuck feels like being a victim. The victim feels powerless to make any change or choice. The victim is at the mercy of "them" and what "they" say, do, don't do, etc. The universal turnings in place now are nudging us to use our power of free will to take the high road. To view all obstacles for what they truly are - a fork in the road in where you can choose which vibration you wish to resonate with.

Four months ago I had a total hip replacement which gave me freedom from chronic pain
for the first time in years. The liberation and joy I experienced post surgery was
unbelievable! My confidence in my mobility soared as I returned to the gym a month after the surgery and began to grow stronger and more sure of my body's ability to become strong and stronger. Wow, prior to surgery, I could not conceive what this
freedom would look or feel like. The choice to have surgery or not was a fork in my road.

While on vacation we were hiking beside a beautiful mountain stream with amazing tumbled obsidian pieces in it. As I explored the treasures beside the creek bed I fell down - hard. I fell down exactly onto my surgery site! Darn it! The following 24 hours found me in my own pity pot feeling as though all was lost and I had no choice now but to go back to being dis-abled, a victim to my pain. Wait, is that really true? Or is that my perception? Was I being given a great and grand opportunity to view the contrast of freedom vs. disability? Hummm...

Both at the moment of my original hip injury, and this fall, I was experiencing great joy and happiness, what had I wired into my consciousness that said "Too much fun...not allowed!" Still don't know the answer to that but what I do know is this: The moment in which I realized that I could choose to re-experience limitation or freedom was the moment of ultimate freedom. My heart hollered - no way, not going back! Did my pain from the fall disappear - not immediately. What did occur was my confidence returned, my faith that the pain is an energy message from my spirit to my brain urging me to make a choice. Given the contrast, what would I choose to live?
In making these choices at the forks in the road, if we choose the path with the unfamiliar vibration we open ourselves to the realm of all possibility. This is
where our power lies. This is where we observe the depth of our faith.

If you are at the fork in the road, there will be one option that will be familiar and known and another may scare you. It is an opportunity to choose, to continue to live oppressed by a perception that you are stuck, or to step boldly into a new lane of fresh life experiences. It is for you to choose, you possess the divine power of free will choice, in every moment, or every decision, thought, action, dream...every everything. Choose that which lightens your heart and inspires that little voice inside that remembers, we are here to experience contrast and joy, contrast and joy. The contrast is not punishment, it is the classroom for soul learning. Joy is the eternal state of our soul self.

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