Sunday, September 27, 2009

Message to: Josie From: Mom

I have a woman who had severe stomach problems, possibly a tumor as the stomach
appears distended. She is saying she had 2 failed surgeries and ultimately
she was just done with trying to try anything new. She is saying that you are
concerned about your own health and the possibility of having what she had, and wants
you to know that you do have need or cause for concern. She's making me feel like
she had had some kind of illness as a child which left her stomach compromised and
it was never quite right.

She is acknowledging a gratudation or promotion, a step forward in your life. She sends you her love. She also wants me to mention the white flowers. Keep your faith
in yourself and watch for the open doors, you have good guidance.

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Message to: Dan

This feels like a woman married to or partnered with Dan. She had a long period of
breast cancer and lived with considerable pain both physical and mental over her illness. She's showing me that she expressed anger and often spewed it out on you, she is sorry for taking you for granted. Her anger stemmed from not wanting to leave this life, she sees now the wake of pain she left by her behavior.
She sees that you are beginning to move on. She also sees the sacrifices you made
to see that she was cared for, thank you so much. "We were so in love for so many years, I made a mess of things at the end. Please forgive me and remember that great
love affair we began with." Remember Hawaii.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

To My Family: "Sad to Leave" - From: Alma

Hello Readers,
This message came channeled by a woman who passed last Thursday, Alma Crowder. I did not know her but know members of her family. Alma passed as a result of a tragic car accident which left her sons Ryan and Jesse hospitalized from the injuries they sustained.
Beyond prayer, there are two ways we can help this family -

Thursday, 9/17/09 upstairs at The Cantina Restaurant in Santa Rosa
There will be a fund raiser to help the family cover final expenses for
Alma and uncovered medical expenses for Ryan and Jesse. The fund raiser
will begin at 8:00pm - 2:00am - $5 minimum donation appreciated
ALL proceeds will go directly to the Crowder Fund.

Second, an account has been set-up at Summit State Bank under the name
Of : Crowder Fund
While we understand this is a time of great financial need for many, my prayer is that we can come together and show this family that there is great love and support for them in this time of great loss. Please do what you can, and thank you in advance.

Here is Alma’s message, incredibly stated and meaningful for us all to hear:

I was a 42 year old woman, wife, mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, I was not ready to go. I did not want to leave but I did not know how to stay.
Years ago I began making choices that built a shaky foundation upon which I would build my life and the lives of my children. I remember making choices about partying and at first, it was just "for fun". I don't remember having fun now as I am filled with sorrow. I view the wreckage of my life, my children's lives and wonder, could I have made a different choice, at any time? Did I fail completely?
It seems like I was always looking for a way to leave whether it was with drugs or illness, it was like death was always lurking just beyond my next decision. There would be small moments when I would feel there was a chance to live in the light, beyond the addiction and self-destruction. All it would take though was one dark thought, one inkling that I wasn't worthy, one instant in which I was sure I was damaged beyond repair and that was my permission slip to return back into the seduction of drugs and drama.
I am coming through to say to my children; you are all adults, take this opportunity to view my life not as a failure but rather as an education. The way I behaved in life was to escape at every turn, to blame and fight, and I know that these are traits I will need to live again so that I can overcome their damage. Everything you do, everything you say is an opportunity to rewrite the script of your life, it is never too late.
The tragedy of my death is no more or less than the tragedy of my life. Do not carry forward regret on my behalf by living regrettable choices yourself. I am wise, and have always been so. I understand that wisdom does not always guarantee using the free will choice with the highest honor. I dishonored my physical body, I dishonored vows and sacred agreements. Know that integrity is our innate state of being, and when you choose to dishonor yourself, anyone or anything else to get what you want you have stepped off the track of wisdom. Needs fulfilled at the expense of your own honor will bring about circumstances in which you will be forced to experience dishonor on a deeper level. Wants fulfilled at the expense of anyone else will bring about a state of neediness.On the other hand, simple steps taken with clean intention will be rewarded with a path of purity to your soul. This is what is true, live clean. Be honest with yourself and know that my love is with you always while you heal and grow.
Please know that I am at peace and out of any mental, emotional and physical pain I ever had.
My sign for you is quarters, when you find them you will know I have popped in
To give you a smile.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Message to: Randi From: Grandma Mo

Your Grandmother Mo wants to be sure you heard her clearly today and would like to reiterate HER message to you. (She told me to make "her" big letters).
Your courage is what makes you - you. She admires how you square your shoulders
and take on the world, even though it makes your throat close up. Do not stop
now, or ever being true to your inner voice of wisdom. Her love is with you always and all ways. She likes to be remembered when you see a hummingbird because of the beautiful colors. Don't lose sight of viewing beauty, it helps balance the soul.
Know that her suffering is over and she also wants to add that all suffering is temporary so hang in there.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Learning something new everyday

Thank you to everyone who has acknowledged the Daily Messages as meaningful to their day! The validations are much appreciated since sometimes I wonder, what the heck am I talking about? My wish is that each message, or some part of it will find its way to the person who needs to hear it the most.
For the past year or so I have struggled with getting to sleep and staying asleep. I wrote it off as part of this time of life for me however, since I have begun to write relay the messages popping into my head I have slept like a baby! The 2 nights that I did not write I found myself restless and unable to fall into a peaceful state of sleep. Last night was one such night. I was awake until about 3:00am listening to the loud rumble of thunder and beautiful bright flashes of lightening!
It occurred to me that all of this electromagnetic energy must be a perfect conduit for the spirit world to connect!
As I lay there waiting for sleep to capture me and take me away I had a sense of overall warmth and appreciation for first, having the ability to translate the information that comes through so randomly and second, to all of you that take the time to see if there is some gift for you in the Daily Message. Thank you so much!
So, I continue to learn that the energy that keeps us awake may not all be from what is going on in our daily lives, or maybe it is! Staying in the flow of the current of our own vibration will always feel better than not. Flow feels like floating, resistance feels like effort.
Go with the flow baby!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Message to: Pam & Charlie From: Dad/Paul

Paul is coming through showing me a long protracted illness with lung cancer. He's saying it took so long in part because he didn't want to leave the family. It feels as though someone was having the first grandchild - he stuck around just long enough to see it. He wants you to know that the pain he felt is all gone - he is with Grandma (his mom) and his brother who passed suddenly from an impact, possibly a car accident. It seems as though the 3 of them passed fairly close together, within a 3 year period. He is acknowledging the family feeling like it had gone through a war
with such tragedy and grief but shows me now that everyone is coming out of it and beginning to move on. Pam - trust yourself with your kids. He's saying you look to him still for comfort, please know his love is eternal. Charlie - be gentle with yourself, you don't have to work so much to prove your worth. Take time to enjoy your friends and family, they want to be with you. Thank you for the love and care during the end of his life, and thank you for the great party, he loved the music. Please know that he loves you all.
To my readers: As always, if this message feels as though it is for someone you know,
please do pass it on so that we can keep the flow of healing and love going. Thank you for reading.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Message From: Ted - To: Cori & family

I feel the need to describe Ted as a very playful spirit, he was known for many years of practical jokes. He wants to make it clear that he did not play practical jokes that made anyone look stupid, he did not think it was funny to make someone look stupid, it was more like he loved to make people laugh - even to the point of using his own body to be hysterically funny. He's showing me Dick Van Dyke, how he moved like a rubber band tripping and falling only to spring back up.
Ted passed unexpectedly, heart attack. He's showing me a golf course, it feels like he was either playing golf, or had just finished playing golf and he was with 2 other men at the time.
He was a non-believer in life and is finding great joy in communicating with his family. Cori, you receive him well. He wants you to know that when you feel his messages they are true, don't second guess. He shows me a son playing football and a daughter who I believe was named after a grandmother. The daughter is the younger child. She will pass through this rebellious stage, be patient she's learning about her strength. He wants you to know Cori that you will love again and that he is happy to know you will know great happiness again in this lifetime. He sends his love to you all, please know that he is fine and continues to learn and grow where he is.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Message to: Michelle from: Papa

"Papa" is showing me the color purple, vibrant and rich, jewel tone purple. He's saying the wedding was beautiful. It feels like you were wearing or carrying a ring that belonged to him. Papa was involved in flying, not a commercial pilot, a private one and it feels as though he passed as a result of an airplane accident. He says that his instruments failed and he would not guide himself through the storm. It happened very quickly and there was no pain. There may have been a period of up to 3 days where he could not be located and this caused the family great pain and sadness
worrying that he was suffering. Papa was a deeply loved and respected man. He wants you to know that it was his honor to be son, father, brother, uncle and grandfather, he embraced his family in an unusually close way and seemed to know everyone so well.
He sends his love and thanks you Michelle for keeping his memory alive.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Message to: Roger from Jean (or Gene)

Jean/Gene had a "bad heart" and a stroke. I am not sure if Jean was male or female.
Jean was in a state of limbo after the stroke, coma.
"I hold our memories as do you, and many more. No regrets please, they put considerable space between us and I cannot get through to you. Thank you
for releasing me, for honoring my wishes not to remain on life support. It
is beautiful here, thank you for the prayers they feel like champagne bubbles."

If this message resonates with you I am pleased that you have located it. If it
feels familiar for anyone you know, please pass it on. This message came through
so clearly, actually woke me up last night, I hope it can be delivered. Thank
you for your help in getting the word out.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Message from John to Amy

I see a young man, his name is John, he passed suddenly, he was a soldier.
He passed very quickly and for a while didn't know what happened until his paternal grandfather brought him "home". He was newly engaged prior to leaving for Iraq and he's showing me the ring. This message is for his fiance Amy, he wants you to know that his love is with you always. You will not be alone forever and will meet a really great guy in October, you have his blessing to move on. He is also showing me your dog and making me feel the great joy the dog brings to you. It is ok to be happy.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Message to: Kirsten from Dad

Dad, who's name is Bill is coming through talking some kind of surgery to the stomach - he's showing me a pouch being removed so I don't know if this is a tummy tuck or something more serious. The intent of the surgery is to make the stomach smaller, to lose weight.
He wants you to know that surgery is just part of the lesson, the other more important part is that you must now allow people to be near you - when the weight is gone, people will be closer to you, literally. Allow people to help you during your surgery because this is the first step in acknowledging your value. He is saying that he lived his life disconnected from his heart, he understands that you learned by watching him. He passed from a heart attack, quickly. He has great love for you, your mother and your brother. Do not be afraid of people, they are here to support you. He's showing me a white rose.