Saturday, September 12, 2009

Learning something new everyday

Thank you to everyone who has acknowledged the Daily Messages as meaningful to their day! The validations are much appreciated since sometimes I wonder, what the heck am I talking about? My wish is that each message, or some part of it will find its way to the person who needs to hear it the most.
For the past year or so I have struggled with getting to sleep and staying asleep. I wrote it off as part of this time of life for me however, since I have begun to write relay the messages popping into my head I have slept like a baby! The 2 nights that I did not write I found myself restless and unable to fall into a peaceful state of sleep. Last night was one such night. I was awake until about 3:00am listening to the loud rumble of thunder and beautiful bright flashes of lightening!
It occurred to me that all of this electromagnetic energy must be a perfect conduit for the spirit world to connect!
As I lay there waiting for sleep to capture me and take me away I had a sense of overall warmth and appreciation for first, having the ability to translate the information that comes through so randomly and second, to all of you that take the time to see if there is some gift for you in the Daily Message. Thank you so much!
So, I continue to learn that the energy that keeps us awake may not all be from what is going on in our daily lives, or maybe it is! Staying in the flow of the current of our own vibration will always feel better than not. Flow feels like floating, resistance feels like effort.
Go with the flow baby!

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