Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Message From: Ted - To: Cori & family

I feel the need to describe Ted as a very playful spirit, he was known for many years of practical jokes. He wants to make it clear that he did not play practical jokes that made anyone look stupid, he did not think it was funny to make someone look stupid, it was more like he loved to make people laugh - even to the point of using his own body to be hysterically funny. He's showing me Dick Van Dyke, how he moved like a rubber band tripping and falling only to spring back up.
Ted passed unexpectedly, heart attack. He's showing me a golf course, it feels like he was either playing golf, or had just finished playing golf and he was with 2 other men at the time.
He was a non-believer in life and is finding great joy in communicating with his family. Cori, you receive him well. He wants you to know that when you feel his messages they are true, don't second guess. He shows me a son playing football and a daughter who I believe was named after a grandmother. The daughter is the younger child. She will pass through this rebellious stage, be patient she's learning about her strength. He wants you to know Cori that you will love again and that he is happy to know you will know great happiness again in this lifetime. He sends his love to you all, please know that he is fine and continues to learn and grow where he is.

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