Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Message to: Kirsten from Dad

Dad, who's name is Bill is coming through talking some kind of surgery to the stomach - he's showing me a pouch being removed so I don't know if this is a tummy tuck or something more serious. The intent of the surgery is to make the stomach smaller, to lose weight.
He wants you to know that surgery is just part of the lesson, the other more important part is that you must now allow people to be near you - when the weight is gone, people will be closer to you, literally. Allow people to help you during your surgery because this is the first step in acknowledging your value. He is saying that he lived his life disconnected from his heart, he understands that you learned by watching him. He passed from a heart attack, quickly. He has great love for you, your mother and your brother. Do not be afraid of people, they are here to support you. He's showing me a white rose.

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