Saturday, September 5, 2009

Message to: Michelle from: Papa

"Papa" is showing me the color purple, vibrant and rich, jewel tone purple. He's saying the wedding was beautiful. It feels like you were wearing or carrying a ring that belonged to him. Papa was involved in flying, not a commercial pilot, a private one and it feels as though he passed as a result of an airplane accident. He says that his instruments failed and he would not guide himself through the storm. It happened very quickly and there was no pain. There may have been a period of up to 3 days where he could not be located and this caused the family great pain and sadness
worrying that he was suffering. Papa was a deeply loved and respected man. He wants you to know that it was his honor to be son, father, brother, uncle and grandfather, he embraced his family in an unusually close way and seemed to know everyone so well.
He sends his love and thanks you Michelle for keeping his memory alive.

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