Thursday, September 10, 2009

Message to: Pam & Charlie From: Dad/Paul

Paul is coming through showing me a long protracted illness with lung cancer. He's saying it took so long in part because he didn't want to leave the family. It feels as though someone was having the first grandchild - he stuck around just long enough to see it. He wants you to know that the pain he felt is all gone - he is with Grandma (his mom) and his brother who passed suddenly from an impact, possibly a car accident. It seems as though the 3 of them passed fairly close together, within a 3 year period. He is acknowledging the family feeling like it had gone through a war
with such tragedy and grief but shows me now that everyone is coming out of it and beginning to move on. Pam - trust yourself with your kids. He's saying you look to him still for comfort, please know his love is eternal. Charlie - be gentle with yourself, you don't have to work so much to prove your worth. Take time to enjoy your friends and family, they want to be with you. Thank you for the love and care during the end of his life, and thank you for the great party, he loved the music. Please know that he loves you all.
To my readers: As always, if this message feels as though it is for someone you know,
please do pass it on so that we can keep the flow of healing and love going. Thank you for reading.

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