Friday, October 30, 2009

What are you doing in that relationship?

Do you even know? How long have you been in the place where you feel like you're happy but, what exactly does happy feel like again? Relationships are perhaps my favorite topic as they truly are, what we have in this world. Whether they are blissful, joyful connections or strenuous balancing acts they are the purpose of our desire to incarnate.

With incredible frequency clients have shown up for their readings wanting to know about their relationship - but wait, it's not their marriage or significant other,
no, it's this mysterious person that the Universe dropped onto their path that seems to have sparked something deep within that they had either never known or had forgotten.

I view these as soul connections, deep, ancient, abiding. Have you ever been introduced to someone that magnetizes you inexplicably? And no matter how you try to reason with yourself you cannot get them out of your mind? Even harder still, cannot get them out of your heart? Don't even want to try?

As we continue to evolve as a species we continue to raise the bar. What was good and nourishing has become ripe, perhaps over ripe. Like the apples that are falling from the tree in my yard, I see that the relationship they held and clung to with the tree has quite naturally and amicably come to a close. Could we be as organic as the tree and view our relationships in a similar light?

Monogamy is the ideal for most, but does being in a monogamous relationship guarantee that it will be forever? Is it realistic to expect to grow, expand and evolve in a relationship that was established when all you knew was how to give yourself away? Or before you could articulate the desires of your mature heart?
Tough but reasonable questions.

The introduction to these soul connections creates contrast in our thoughts, hearts and lives. Contrast is the teacher to help us learn what feels better. Is it really OK to feel this good? I believe that so many are receiving this teaching now because it is where the new bar has been set. These lessons do not come at some random period in your life without rhyme or reason, these are new opportunities to define or redefine your destiny. The point here is to choose to feel better, to generously allow yourself to receive. To generously allow yourself to recognize and validate the intuitive information that says this new person has invigorated your soul.

I know what you're thinking and no, I'm not saying compromise your integrity and hop into the sack with this newly found love! I am offering these words as encouragement to view where you are, honestly and without blame or shame. After reviewing, YOU decide if the tree you are cling to still provides you nourishment. Are you being provided nourishment that can feed you and fuel you to the next expanded level of who you are becoming? This contrast is designed to wake you up. If this has appeared in your life then you are indeed being called to re-view your world.

I can hear you saying, but...but...but...what will my family say? What will my friends say? What if it is true that my relationship is over and my destiny includes moving on...what will "they" say? Give the "they's" in your life a little credit.
I remember when I was exiting my first marriage, I was surprised where the support came from. People who know us and love us can see when we are unfulfilled or unhappy. I remember being surprised when someone said to me, "I wondered how long you would last."

Take this opportunity to be honest with yourself. Perhaps the mystery person will point you back into refueling your current relationship! Whatever the result, step out of judgment of yourself and your feelings and allow yourself flow in the direction of positive, life affirming relationships.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Message: Steve/heart attack

There is a gentleman who's name is Steve showing me that he had a heart attack. It feels like he was either at a sporting event or playing sports - on a field - soccer field. This message is for the "team". You thought he couldn't hear you when he was laying on the field receiving CPR, someone commented, "He's gone", he wants you to know he heard that and all the remarks of your respect for him. Steve was a leader
and lived the example of fair play in all areas of his life. He wants you to remember that you really do not ever know what is going on with someone else so don't take another persons mood personally. Strive for excellence in your word and deed.
It feels like he left 2 small children and a wife that he loved dearly. Thank you for the memorial party, he was pleased especially with the young people who spoke.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Thoughts on Destiny

When you look back over your life, can you identify a defining moment that forever changed your destiny? You know how they say, you can miss a bus and it changes your whole life? This has been stuck in my head all week, have I missed the bus anywhere?

The older we get the more we have to reflect upon, we can now see how our choices defined our destiny. These choices aren't only from when we were young, these are the same choices we choose or do not choose today. Free will allows us to make different choices and change our course. Changing the future, one choice at a time.

What can you choose today that will offer you a more future more aligned with who you have become as opposed to who you were? Take care in making choices that affirm the you of today. The responsibility of creating your future and forming your destiny is yours alone. To blame a person, a job or a parent for your perceived lack is the seductive element of our shadow. It is a choice to perpetuate negative, self-defeating thoughts. It is imperative that the words we speak to ourselves contain the essence of that which we wish to be. Be compassionate with yourself, with your heart.

Release self-blame that choices you made when young have permanently shaped your destiny. You were doing the best you could with the information you had at the time, this is life. I encourage you to revisit one of those defining moments in your past and view it with compassion. If you choose a relationship, or did not choose a relationship and are being tortured emotionally by your choice, know that part of your choice included divine wisdom and therefore was in divine right order. Each choice is rich with possibility for growth and evolution.

The sooner we begin to accept that our guidance supports us in making our choices and decisions, the sooner we can step back into the state of faith. Believe that your life path, your destiny will always bring you back to that which you love, your job is to remain open to the possibility. Take this time to be tender, gentle and loving with yourself and your world will respond accordingly.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Message: To Ryan

Ryan, this is a female - I think it is your mother. She is saying you are plagued with guilt. She's making reference to someone with a very high fever, an infection possibly in the chest area. It is important for you to know that she is fine. Take this time to come together with your family. This is a time to rebuild trust among you, it is a turning point in your life and she sees you taking the high road, making clear choices that dramatically change the direction of your life. She sends her love and reminds you to keep the faith, you are always safe and protected.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

How To Expand ~ 5 Easy Steps

My wish for you today is that something here will twinkle for you and plant some
star light into your consciousness for you to play with.

1. Listen to your gut. You know how it is when you get a "hunch" (which is the culturally accepted word for intuition or psychic message) and you do not listen to it? And it comes back? And you are like this little kid with your hands over your ears singing "la la la, I don't hear you!" This intuitive message may be asking you to stretch beyond your comfort zone...darn it! Why do I always have to stretch beyond my comfort zone? Because it's your comfort zone!! Wouldn't you like an even more comfortable comfort zone? One that matches who you have become not who you have been?

2. Nourish your body. Yes Mom...have the nutrients that you put into your body match the vibration you wish to emit. Here's what that looks like; packaged mac n' cheese, yummy yes, nourishing? Not so much. Big juicy apple with a wedge of cheese, yummy too!! Fresh green salad vs. anything fried? You get the picture. If the food you
ingest has been processed or cooked to death you can bet that it's original nutritional qualities have been processed or cooked out. Choose food in it's original wrapper and you will be filled with high vibration nourishment!

3. Practice what you preach, aka walk your talk. Are you the most brilliant and wise friend in your group? Awesome! Do you listen to yourself? What's that, sometimes? Occasionally? Never? Aaaagh!! Be the example of courage, accept your own great advise! It looks like this: "What's that guides and ascended masters? Oh, you're talking to me?" Notice how your friends woes mirror yours, recognize the divine placement of people in your life to affirm that you are receiving your own wisdom and it is expected that you assimilate it as such.

4. Be in the company of those who build you up, not bring you down. We all know 'em.
Folks who love to recite their list of complaints for days, weeks, sometimes years if we can stand it that long! What is it that makes it OK for us to remain in their company? What are you getting out of it? Nothing? Headache? Heartache? Frustration? If you have shown up in the best possible light that you can reflect
consider that perhaps it is simply time to move on. Clean house on the company that you keep, the conversations that you have and allow the Universe to bring in more suitable companions. It is a choice, use great care in what you expose yourself to.

5. Go outside. Most of us go outside everyday, but do we go outside to be there?
If your life consists of a computer monitor, cell phone and car (or maybe washing machine, dryer and dishwasher) do yourself a favor and step out on to Mother Earth.
Step further and further away from the mechanized and digitized vibrations you are saturated in and look to the sky, the horizon and reconnect with the nourishment of fresh air. When our world becomes small and compartmentalized our focus becomes small and contracted. Expand your horizon of thought, look to the infinite within you that says, "What if..." While you're out there, take a minute or more to find your center. Breathe in...breathe out, be you, you that is not a reflection of your job, family, or friends and try to re-mind yourself of your innate essence. Breathe in...breathe out, you are perfect exactly as you are. If what you find in your essence is imperfection, give yourself a little more time because you have tuned into
the judgment of you, not the true you. You are in there, and you are beautiful and glowing. At times we use our free will to make choices that will not reflect our glowing beauty because we are learning and practicing how to be. At times we choose
to expand our essence which is good too! Outside, with Mother Earth and Father Sky
we are held in our innocence, our goodness. Make some time today to be outside
in the elements of nature to simply be.

Thank you for reading, may you be blessed.