Monday, October 26, 2009

Message: Steve/heart attack

There is a gentleman who's name is Steve showing me that he had a heart attack. It feels like he was either at a sporting event or playing sports - on a field - soccer field. This message is for the "team". You thought he couldn't hear you when he was laying on the field receiving CPR, someone commented, "He's gone", he wants you to know he heard that and all the remarks of your respect for him. Steve was a leader
and lived the example of fair play in all areas of his life. He wants you to remember that you really do not ever know what is going on with someone else so don't take another persons mood personally. Strive for excellence in your word and deed.
It feels like he left 2 small children and a wife that he loved dearly. Thank you for the memorial party, he was pleased especially with the young people who spoke.

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