Friday, October 30, 2009

What are you doing in that relationship?

Do you even know? How long have you been in the place where you feel like you're happy but, what exactly does happy feel like again? Relationships are perhaps my favorite topic as they truly are, what we have in this world. Whether they are blissful, joyful connections or strenuous balancing acts they are the purpose of our desire to incarnate.

With incredible frequency clients have shown up for their readings wanting to know about their relationship - but wait, it's not their marriage or significant other,
no, it's this mysterious person that the Universe dropped onto their path that seems to have sparked something deep within that they had either never known or had forgotten.

I view these as soul connections, deep, ancient, abiding. Have you ever been introduced to someone that magnetizes you inexplicably? And no matter how you try to reason with yourself you cannot get them out of your mind? Even harder still, cannot get them out of your heart? Don't even want to try?

As we continue to evolve as a species we continue to raise the bar. What was good and nourishing has become ripe, perhaps over ripe. Like the apples that are falling from the tree in my yard, I see that the relationship they held and clung to with the tree has quite naturally and amicably come to a close. Could we be as organic as the tree and view our relationships in a similar light?

Monogamy is the ideal for most, but does being in a monogamous relationship guarantee that it will be forever? Is it realistic to expect to grow, expand and evolve in a relationship that was established when all you knew was how to give yourself away? Or before you could articulate the desires of your mature heart?
Tough but reasonable questions.

The introduction to these soul connections creates contrast in our thoughts, hearts and lives. Contrast is the teacher to help us learn what feels better. Is it really OK to feel this good? I believe that so many are receiving this teaching now because it is where the new bar has been set. These lessons do not come at some random period in your life without rhyme or reason, these are new opportunities to define or redefine your destiny. The point here is to choose to feel better, to generously allow yourself to receive. To generously allow yourself to recognize and validate the intuitive information that says this new person has invigorated your soul.

I know what you're thinking and no, I'm not saying compromise your integrity and hop into the sack with this newly found love! I am offering these words as encouragement to view where you are, honestly and without blame or shame. After reviewing, YOU decide if the tree you are cling to still provides you nourishment. Are you being provided nourishment that can feed you and fuel you to the next expanded level of who you are becoming? This contrast is designed to wake you up. If this has appeared in your life then you are indeed being called to re-view your world.

I can hear you saying, but...but...but...what will my family say? What will my friends say? What if it is true that my relationship is over and my destiny includes moving on...what will "they" say? Give the "they's" in your life a little credit.
I remember when I was exiting my first marriage, I was surprised where the support came from. People who know us and love us can see when we are unfulfilled or unhappy. I remember being surprised when someone said to me, "I wondered how long you would last."

Take this opportunity to be honest with yourself. Perhaps the mystery person will point you back into refueling your current relationship! Whatever the result, step out of judgment of yourself and your feelings and allow yourself flow in the direction of positive, life affirming relationships.

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