Saturday, November 28, 2009

My coffee buddy Wendy

Last Monday I met my friend Wendy for coffee, much like we have been doing a couple of times a week for the last several weeks.

When I arrived I didn't even notice her sitting in her car a few cars over from me so I started to walk in. When I finally saw her she was trying to get out of her car though something wasn't quite right. She seemed flustered, like she couldn't pick up her purse, or get her jacket on or something. When she finally got out of the car she was distinctly not herself. I asked her if she was OK and she said "No, I'm really not. I've had this headache for the last 2 or 3 days, right here." She pointed to two specific spots on her head, one at the lower right in the back and one a couple of inches higher and toward the front. Her complexion was slightly ashen but her usual good spirit seemed to belie anything serious being wrong. She took a handful of Advil and by the time we parted company she seemed to be only slightly better.

Nine hours later I received a phone call from her sister explaining that Wendy had been down in Alameda having dinner with a friend and suffered what seemed to be a stroke though we have since learned it was an aneurysm. Tuesday morning surgery was performed to provide a drain for the blood in her brain, Wednesday surgery was performed to repair the aneurysm. Forgive me if this is incorrectly stated - this is just what I understood to be happening.

Wednesday afternoon Wendy was responsive, seemed to recognize auditory who was with her and acknowledged our presence. Since then, she has been mostly unresponsive.
Today she has a high fever. There is fear, worry, shock and sadness swirling around our hearts and minds, wrapped up in prayer.

Life can change in a heartbeat. Over the past several days I have been checking and rechecking my thoughts and interactions with important people in my life. Thankful I had given Wendy a hug upon parting - and too, it's not just the interactions with those close to us, it is the manner in which we interact with the world. The generosity with which we share our kindness matters, to everyone.

Thank you for all those who have asked and continue to ask about Wendy and her well being. Thank you for the generosity of your prayers for Wendy and her children Ryan and Anni. Wendy continues to be strong as that is her spirit. I believe the destiny of her soul is unknowable to us, however I hold faith that her destiny includes miracles and total healing and recovery. I believe in you Wendy and I love you my friend.

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  1. blessing to Wendy and her family. How is she now? Love and god bless to you Julie