Sunday, November 8, 2009

Now that I hit the wall, what do I do?

Life brings opportunity for growth in the strangest way. Have you ever ventured to share your truth with the person closest to you, hoping to create an opening for productive conversation only to get smacked in the face with your significant others truth? And horror of horrors, it completely contradicts yours?

Is it possible to be in a long term relationship and really, really not know how your partner feels about you? Apparently, yes it is. This realization creates confusion,
disillusion and that opening you were seeking - but it looks WAY different than you expected doesn't it? I mean, here you're trying to have a heart to heart and what you get back is something more like a litany of everything that is wrong with YOU!

Wow, so you mean that your partner had been holding all these truths within themselves for all these years? Truths that say you are maybe a liar, or maybe manipulative? It boggles the mind to understand one another. We cannot then call our significant other a liar in return can we? After all, it is their truth and as real to them as ours are to us. This is where the question comes up then, now that I hit the wall, what do I do?

If what has been revealed is workable, and the wall can come down of course you owe it to yourselves to honor your history together and give that communication game another try. If what has been revealed dismantles the very foundation of what you believed you built your relationship on then it is time to pause and consider what is in the best interest for all concerned. As I said in my last post, "What are you doing in that relationship?" You may choose to take an evolved stance and understand that perhaps this union has reached the highest level of maturity and it is time to move on. Whatever you choose, take each step with dignity. Trust and know that whatever happens, this new opening brings the opportunity for expansion and greater love for all.

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