Thursday, November 19, 2009

Riding the waves of transition

Does this sound familiar? When "xyz happens everything will be alright." Or, "when I get a job, quit a job, get married, get divorced..."the list goes on - and on doesn't it? What's a person to do? We all suffer and lament our lives equally.

I am no stranger to transition, in fact deal with it daily personally and professionally, I wanted to take a minute to acknowledge exactly what's going on during these period of great discomfort.

Somewhere along the line we made a request to God, the Universe, Gaia, fill in the blank. It may have sounded something like this "Dear God, please deliver me from this place of sadness and great despair to a place of happiness and joy. Thank you, amen." We quite possibly have uttered the prayer/request a million times over and over in our heads throughout our days.

Then from out of the blue (yeah right) we discover that marriage is fractured, we lose our job, end an unhealthy relationship and we act all surprised! Like, why is THIS happening? We accept this new information as a validation that life stinks
but WAIT! Isn't it possible that this new information has created the opening for you to be delivered from your place of sadness and great despair? To step up and out of the compost of life, gives us the nourishment we need,the opportunity we requested, to shift and grow!

Practice viewing challenge as opportunity. Consider accepting that you asked for this information to somehow support you in making the decision that will change your circumstances. Accept responsibility for where you are and then accept responsibility for changing where you are. Personal responsibility is ultimate freedom. In our acceptance of our life, as it is, we create space for empowerment to create a higher vibrational existence.

When your next transition begins to stir the pot of your life remember - somewhere you asked for this!

Keep the faith that this situation is not all for nothing. Have faith that this lesson is all for something amazing to transform you and your life.

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