Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Don't Quit Your Day Job

Two months ago I started a day job. Well technically yes, I did already have a day job but with over half my clients either out of work, bankrupt or losing their homes business was decidedly s l o w.

The preceding years of doing psychic readings had begun to wear on my spirit- though willing to continue to be busier seeing clients I cannot lie, there was a part of me saying...I need a break.

It may surprise you how many people come to me wanting to know when someone is going to die? Crazy stuff, broke my heart repeatedly to be asked this particular question. There was frequently a hint of ... "when will so and so die because I want/need my inheritance." Ewww, yeah, that's how it felt more times than I care to mention. Careful not to interfere with the proceedings of the soul in question and their own contract with God I generally deferred this question with a pat answer of "That is between them and God." I consider that to be none of any ones business.

Twenty years ago when I began studying the whole metaphysical realm I felt that giving readings would be an honor, I still feel that way. It is an honor to be invited into the intimate and most private realms of peoples lives. In all these years it amazes me that people trust me with their deep darkness, it is an honor, blessing and source of fuel to power my desire to keep going.

My spirit however, was experiencing overwhelm. How many parents of children who passed had I counseled? How many children lost their parents without emotional healing and closure? How many tragic automobile accidents, divorces, affairs, births, deaths, wins, losses have I witnessed thru clients? I have no clue but I did have a very real sense that I needed a break.

Synchronicity, my favorite bit of magic appeared last November with an email from my sister-in-law. Denise told me about her Financial Advisor needing an administrative person for the new office he was moving to. She told me that the whole time he was talking she kept seeing my face! Admittedly I was nervous at the prospect of leaving my clients and returning to a 9-5 job. I called the man immediately though worried about the immense change in lifestyle this opportunity presented.

We met December 23rd at the office in Larkspur. As I walked up the stairs to the office and looked down at the carpet I heard a little voice say, "You're going to be seeing a lot of this carpet."

The interview lasted an hour and I walked away knowing that it was a perfect match.
A few weeks later I was called back for a second interview again leaving knowing in my heart this was the place for me to be. Despite my fears of being gone from home more than I have been during my entire relationship with my husband, we both knew that our financial situation was in dire need of reinforcement! The job offer came and with great joy I realized that I had somehow beat the odds and gotten this gift of opportunity at a time when good jobs are at a premium. What a blessing.

The great and good fortune lies in the fact that I have continued to see as many clients as I was seeing but somehow, I do not feel the overwhelm and exhaustion. Somehow the addition of the job has rejuvenated my soul to continue to be of service both out in the world and in my private practice.

There is wonderful satisfaction at being a part of the world out there and still being welcomed by my clients to their inner world. So, as I ventured out with fear and trepidation at returning to work I realized that I did not have to quit my day job after all, it just switched places.