Thursday, March 17, 2011

In The Name of God

If you wonder as I do, why must a horrific tragedy occur as the earthquake, subsequent tsunami and threat of nuclear melt down in Japan? The pathway in my mind is frought with fear and horror.

As the days have passed I have felt my heart begin to feel some light again, though it is guarded and cautious. The desire to close my eyes and reopen them to learn it was all a dream looms large. I want health and wellness, life and abundance for all of Gods children. Many today are without warmth, food, family and shelter.

It has taken days to come back to the place of my peace: my faith. Powerlessness is darkness. We may be physically powerless to make a difference to those suffering in Japan but we are not spiritually powerless. There is power in every thought, the power to express darkness and fear and the power to express light and faith. Let each thought resonate from the place of faith that God has not abandoned us.

Perhaps the timing is such that we are beginning or willing to recognize that the darkness that controls us is something we can transform and transmute. Within each of us is the seed of evolution and transformation. To remain captive to the darkness of fear is to say, "I have no faith." It is a choice, believe it or not, it is a choice.

Today I feel strong in my faith. I feel strong to make the choice to believe that my prayer and my love can extend my body, traverse time and space and bring light to those who are being tested beyond anything I can fathom. Won't you join me today in showing our faith by sending our prayers of healing and lightness of heart?

We do possess the power to reignite hope. Believe with me.

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