Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Message from Roberto

The man I see is morbidly obese, dark complected. I see the name Roberto. He is telling me he was crushed by the weight of his own body. He suffered for years. He could not move on his own accord. Throughout the 7 years prior to his passing he learned of love, compassion and forgiveness - for himself. At the age of 35 he met a woman that came to care for him. I feel there was a language barrier so they could not speak, rather he could only feel her compassion and caring through the care she gave him. He loved her, she is the only woman he ever loved. I believe her name started with a J.

After 42 years of he chose to surrender. He removed the oxygen himself. He wants his mother Rita to know that he felt her hold his hand as he took his last breath. He felt ashamed of his shape and form his entire life. There was an organic problem that went undetected for nearly 30 years - it was too late for corrections to be made by the time it was discovered.

Roberto died in peace, he wants you to know that he did not suffer and he does not suffer now. I see a beautiful rainbow that those who love him should associate with his spirit.

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