Monday, April 25, 2011


 I recently spoke to a grandmother in Florida.  She could have been yours, mine, any ones but she wasn't.  She was Sean and Jessie's grandma. 

A month ago, on Sean's 19th birthday, these two children were killed with 2 of their friends in an automobile accident.  No, there were no drugs or alcohol involved. This was a solo car accident with sketchy details leaving the family reeling with a million unanswerable questions.

Grandma is suffering indescribable grief as you might expect.  The pain of losing those so young, with their whole lives ahead of them spins out of control.  Their mother can hardly function.  It never makes sense.
If we are to have faith and believe that everything occurs in divine right order, then this was somehow a part of destiny. 

The parents and grandmother visit the site of the accident, hoping for what?  Is it wrong she asked?  Of course not.  Where else would you go to find the feeling of your child?  Hoping I'm sure to find some clue, some shred of evidence that would explain how the tragedy occurred.

The questions of why they didn't come right home?  Where were they going?  What happened?  The information that came through was distinct and repetitive.  I felt myself driving at night and suddenly something darted in front of me - a momentary distraction that caused me to jerk the steering wheel to the right - sharp and fast!  I feel myself tumbling, upside down, loud noise followed by extreme silence. 
There is a particular silence that accompanies death.  I always feel that it is a universal prayer, a prayer of silence for the soul that now travels home.

I relayed the information to Grandma....  My heart of hearts prays that the reading I deliver will be helpful.  I see that these were very good children, brilliant athletes, well rounded young people with bright futures.  Their mother endured invitro fertilization to conceive them - and now, in the blink of an eye - these bright futures will never come to be.   God please bless these spirits that have come home.  Please bless the grieving family members searching for answers, for peace.  I repeat these words until it feels complete.
Grandma listens.  "So you think he was distracted then?"  ... somehow, it made something make sense.  It doesn't make it right, but it feels better than nothing.

Won't you join me in including this family in your prayers?  Thank you for reading, and thank you for your prayers. 

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