Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Message to Valerie

Dear Valerie,
Today marks the anniversary of your passing. We never met yet I live with the results of your love. The love and courage you showed and taught in your fight to live and struggle to die lives on.
The events which followed your death brought an incredible man to his knees. He was swooped up by a vulture and devoured. She tortured his mind, heart and soul.
As the years passed, he sought the love you encouraged him to find believing each time it was possible. I know you know that he has found that love again. My desire is to erase all the ill deeds done to him and replace harsh memories with new ones of joy and laughter, companionship and forgiveness.
I send this message to you, through all things seen and unseen to thank you for being the person to first show him love, to believe in him, and to give him your blessings to be free to fall in love again. God Bless you Valerie.

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