Saturday, December 15, 2012

Complaining... or not?

Have you uttered your first complaint of the day? … It slips right from the brain and through the mouth doesn’t it? And once you’ve said it, it becomes your partner for the moment or maybe longer. Complaints are like an infection, one feeds off the one next to it. If thoughts become things then words are vows. Pay attention to your “always” and “never” statements and the blame frequently attached to them. In the spirit of the season, let’s take a day, like today and reframe the complaint. Even if one slips by, reframe it. This is about training the monkey mind that thinks because it has a thought then it must be right. We think the thoughts we have conditioned, allowed and indulged ourselves to think and subsequently believe. Reframe day. Take this statement, “I hate this furniture, I want new furniture.” And make it “It’s going to be so great when we get our new furniture.” Even if you don’t know when it will happen, or how it will happen, play with the Universe and see what’s truly in store for you when you remove your limitations of knowing everything that’s wrong by allowing space for everything that’s right and feels life affirming. Reframe your complaints and replace the harsh vows of lack with possibility statements of love. Kids play “what if” all the time, let’s do that today. What if? What if we remember that we are the masters of our destiny and we’re letting ourselves think in a calmer state of ease and acceptance? We may not believe our words, but remember that our words are our vows and we owe it to ourselves to be faithful and believe in the “what if.” What if it’s true, that someone loves you truly and…what if you let that person be you? <3


  1. I am so at the moment of change and the whirlwind of the unknown that the "kids play" is so where its at now!! When I roll off to the negative I get back up dust off and try again!! Your positive words are very inspiring and uplifting!! I fell out of the Heart of the Spirit and now hopping back in to positive thinking and a new life!! Julie you are the greatest!! MP

    1. <3 And thank YOU for your kind words MP! I apologize for taking 8 months to reply!! I'm glad the post was meaningful for you. :)