Saturday, December 15, 2012

Mel's Story

This week I met with a young woman, 20 years old. She’s had a really rough year starting with a friend committing suicide. She’s experiencing what is labeled as mental illness as a result of the trauma. At 20 she is incredibly emotionally articulate and sees the world through a wide angel lens. She’s extremely bright, intelligent and for the moment, spiritually and emotionally fragile. I’ve known her for only a few months but have seen her as open and willing to bring herself back to optimum good health. Some are content to take medication and see their therapist once a week but not so for Mel. She is searching for answers and information to support her on her healing path. When she arrived she immediately told me that the reason she scheduled was because she had a session with a Medical Intuitive and was so unsettled after the experience. I sensed that she was worried I may be upset that she went to another psychic but nothing could be further from the truth. My goal is to empower people with their own ability to read their lives and situations so to me, it’s healthy to seek out more help. Unfortunately what Mel received was more a curse than a healing. The phone reading she had was damaging to the level of stability she had recently achieved. The woman told Mel that during the night she has entities around her, a parasite stuck to her and that the medications she is taking are going to cause her brain damage. I asked her if she was required to schedule subsequent sessions with the woman for “full healing” and she said no, but she was supposed to go to her website and purchase supplements. Furious? I was too. While I don’t want to acknowledge it, there are vultures out there waiting to prey on the vulnerable and needy. We took time to look at the possibility that Mel may have felt somewhere within herself that this information was slightly malicious and untrue. We talked about building a tool box for her so that she could check in and determine if the information she is hearing resonates with her. So open and willing, Mel asked question after question and I could see her becoming empowered as she understood each piece of the puzzle she was assembling. She loved that she has the ability to tune in to herself and would begin working on trusting what she receives. Mel left with new tools to support her forward. We all too quickly surrender our personal authority to someone we perceive as above us, and this is not wrong as it comes from a place of innocence. In our innocence we seek peace and we send our spirits on missions to find it. The reminder here is to check-in with your heart. When someone delivers news that disempowers you, you must take the time to decide if it is an accurate read for you. Many “healers” are quick to push their opinions on you as a psychic read. This woman may have been anti-pharmaceuticals and used her opinion to develop the “reading” to get Mel off her medications. I’ve heard so many stories like this over the years, it’s disturbing. Please, take your time, and with care decide what information you will anchor your soul to. What we hear is as important as we allow it to be. Filter what you hear and as always, listen to your heart.

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