Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Last night this message came through for a dear friend that is having a really tough time. I think maybe it is a message for all of us. In the face of unconscionable violence and hatred, ground zero must always be in our hearts. I hope these words will resonate for you.
Much love, Julie xox
"Please remember that you are a child of God, no more or less than anyone. Your presence here on earth was planned. You were never intended to suffer endlessly. We do come here to learn... to accept ourselves as we are and work our way through tough times - that is the goal of a spirit in a body. We are all equal until we allow ourselves to be brought down by a lesser or lower vibration. Rise above those that would have you react from a station lower than the place you live. You have wisdom and depth. You are silly and playful. You have a heart of gold. (this next part may not be true for you..) You have a temper that is a result of your childhood - when you didn't have a voice to make things change or be better. You have that voice now. Those who antagonize you are a test to see if you will respond from your authentic self or your historical self. I believe in you. I believe in the goodness and greatness of your soul. Never, ever forget who you came here to be."

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