Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Spiritual Practice...easier than you think.

Many times I ask clients if they have a spiritual practice, most often they think I am asking if they go to church or believe in God. Neither. My experience has shown me that those who attend church and believe in God are not necessarily spiritual. What do I mean by spiritual then? What I'm looking for is any part of a person that surrenders to a higher power. I am also enquiring to know if perceive the value of taking time to connect with the divine.

The divine they connect to could be God, the Universe, Buddha...you get the idea. Some do not have a name for their higher power they simply know that they are connected and are generally happy to relay stories that affirm the blessings their faith has delivered.

We tend to live by default, doing exactly what we did the day before. The result of such a pattern of "living" is that we discard our spiritual practice - that time when we connect to receive the loving acceptance of whoever it is we place our faith with. We roll along like this until things start going wrong and we feel disconnected and lost. Suddenly we remember to pray! Burn sage! Meditate! We're so funny, I'm the same way.

This morning I pulled out every tarot and wisdom deck I could get my hands on, shuffled them up and pulled a card from each of the decks. What a goofball. Was this really going to make up for the last year when I allowed my spiritual connection to languish? Of course not, but I enjoyed it and felt a little something from each card that I pulled. There was a sense of relief to have these tools so close at hand. The thing about tools of course is that they do nothing unless they're used.

Our spiritual connection is the ever present, unconditional loving big set of wings that hold our tender hearts when we ask. It's so easy to wander off the path and deny ourselves this light in the darkness. Over the last year when it seemed there was more dark than light, my trusty (now dusty) decks were right there waiting for me. Going forward my plan is to give myself a few minutes to connect with the divine loving force I choose to call God. In addition to my daily prayers, I am going to include some time that feeds my soul. A balanced life is made up of mental/emotional health, physical health and spiritual health. Feed your spiritual connection as you feed your mind and body, regularly.

Our guides and guardians are ever present and respond to our requests. When this connection is affirmed daily, we receive a gift of hope and light not available to us via human connection - literally. If you need your cup filled, don't turn to your husband, wife or partner - turn to the unseen loving force that wants acts only for your highest good.

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