Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Journey of Divorce Through the 7 Main Chakras

Let it all go, let go of the past, the person, the dreams the pain. Let go of the house, the car and the stuff. Let it all go. When a client is at the early stage of divorce they are most concerned with losing their home and things. The process of divorce winds its way up through our 7 main chakras.

 The 1st chakra – do I have shelter. If I leave my home I have nothing. I can’t move my children from their home; it’s not fair to put them through all of this. It’s in this stage that we haven’t accepted the reality home that living unhappily in our marriage is what’s really not fair to the children. We are focused on the basic need of food and shelter as being what is most needed by the soul.

 The 2nd chakra adds aesthetics to the first chakra including creativity and nurture. Second chakra divorce process looks at losing the comfort. The nurturing quality of being surrounded by all that you’ve known and created. We fear giving up our home, the outward representation of who we are, equals giving up our identity and our social standing. But when we’ve gotten here, we’re starting to realize that maybe the structure of the home isn’t really worth the pain we feel at walking away from our unhappiness.

 The 3rd chakra is our center of personal will. A pivotal point in the decision making process. Once we reach this chakra we know that we must leave and may struggle with the perceived loss of power. Divorce feels like a failure – no matter how hard we have tried to make our marriage work. We know that the difficulties we’ve been experiencing in our digestive process speak loudly to our inability or unwillingness to digest where our life has gotten to. My experience is that the third chakra is where the decision is made and courage is mustered to take the process forward.

 The 4th chakra, the heart – When we’ve reached this point we’ve accepted where we are. The tears flow and flow. The struggle between what we always believed was right – to stay for the children or to honor our desire to be cherished and loved flails back and forth. Physical chest pain is not uncommon as we reach the truth of our hearts desire – freedom from abuse, loneliness or sadness.

 The 5th chakra is about communication. It’s about our ability and willingness to speak and hear the truth. When arriving here it’s more about our willingness to hear the truth of our spirit and having the confidence to speak our truth. This is the point of making it real by admitting that you are done in the relationship both to yourself and your partner. It’s claiming your path.

 The 6th chakra is the chakra of the mind. This is where we map out our lives and future. By the time we have processed the idea of divorce to the 6th chakra we are filing papers and making the necessary plans to separate and start a new life. When the paperwork has been processed we are then clear to plan our future – and what we want it to look like.

 The 7th chakra, is where we connect to spirit. When we’ve processed to this point we are releasing our destiny to the Divine. We say, I trust that I will be provided for. This action is divinely guided. We receive validations as the doors of life spontaneously and magically fly open showing us what we have just created by claiming our freedom. From here we may begin our process up from first to seventh chakra again as we learn how to live our new life. The cycle of birth, death and rebirth is ongoing and none of it is a failure. It is all a part of our divine and perfect path, and we are never alone. Never.

 By sharing this with you, I pray that you can see that you have done really well progressing through your life. Whether it’s divorce or job change or anything else that is of substantial importance in your personal healing, we follow a divine cycle of evolution. Trust your perfect path.

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