Friday, November 4, 2016

I Get It Now

I get it now; I am a leader. It is up to me to present the light, and the sun and most especially the hope. It is up to me to listen and respond thoughtfully and with great care. It is my responsibility to live within boundaries that acknowledge my sensitivity so as not to become overwrought with the great pain in the world.

I get it now; darkness is always followed by light – except when it’s not. Darkness is not altered when illness, addiction or abuse remain. Darkness is not followed by light when the belief is one of pessimism and powerlessness.

 I get it now; we take turns being the brain and the heart because we’re built for both. We think and problem solve, invent and create! We’re amazing! We feel for one another and our love is a fierce cloak of protection for our beloveds.

 I get it now; I am not defined by my depression but rather by my emergence back to light. I am defined by my willingness to shine and shadow. I am defined by accepting that my dark periods are designed to give me another opportunity to build that muscle and belief that everything is temporary, the darkness and the light; the joy and the sorrow.

 I pledge to the tender spot inside, that I will always seek light, love and hope. I will take the tough steps through resistance and through proof that things are bad to the porthole of light that shines through the love of my family, friends and healing community. I get it now.