Monday, January 23, 2017

Action Cures Fear

Manifestation… The Law Of Attraction… What you think about, you bring about… This is the basis of my belief system as I’m sure it is for many of you. Over the past many decades, I have practiced this – sometimes with more dedication than others. The Universe/God have shown me time and again that the sum of my reality is directly affected by the thoughts and actions I engage in.

Facebook has become a hostile breeding ground of disrespect and contempt among “friends.” I choose not to engage in the political war that is playing out, why? Don’t kid yourself, it’s not because I am without feelings on the subject. My feelings are as potent and important as anyone else’s. Here’s what I know: If we project and affirm that we are victims and without power then that is what we are. I don’t want to be a victim ever again! I don’t want to give my precious life force to anger when I know there is a better use for it.

So, while I feel sadness over the way we are treating one another, I am not angry. I see this time in our lives as the ultimate opportunity to walk our talk. Over 20 years ago, my friend Mike told me that action cures fear. I have never forgotten those words of wisdom. The incredible show of the millions of people around the world, that walked last Saturday was powerful. It was action curing fear.

Whatever side you find yourself on, can you see that this is a divine and golden opportunity to practice putting what you would love into the collective of our Universe? Do you see the results of what putting our anger and fear has brought us to? It’s tragic. We have power, in fact, we are nothing but power. The spirit that animates our body and gives us life chose to come here, at this exact time in history. We have spiritual teachers, leaders and healers in place to guide us away from succumbing to bullying and fear.

If you are called to act, please do! If you feel called to pray, do that! Never believe that your loving desires and thoughts carry any less weight than someone in the media. In our lives, we face challenges that we feel we may not overcome – and here we are today.  This is an opportunity to learn for ourselves that we can choose what we bring into our lives by focusing not on what we are pissed off at, but rather, what thoughts make us feel the love of life and one another – this cannot be taken away. Do not allow yourself to be undermined by the seduction of salacious headlines and video clips. You are the embodiment of power and light.

As always, I pray that you know; you are safe, you are loved and you are a divine being with the power to bring about the change you wish to see. This is a faith walk my friends, believe more in your love and light than in any darkness you perceive. Be the change. Be the change. Be the change.