Saturday, January 5, 2013

The holidays can present us with raw emotions that now may begin to subside. One of my friends said simply, "too much family time." For some that says it all. I hope your year is beginning with peaceful feelings of optimism and gratitude. ♥ Much love to you
and thank you for showing up here.
Sweetness for you <3
Happy New Year! A brand new year to change the channel of our thoughts to match our desires. ♥ Need a reframe on a persistent thought? Just ask! I'm here!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sandy Hook Elementary

Let's not turn on one another and throw judgment about issues that cloud the facts of yesterdays events. Parents lost babies, babies lost parents, they need our love and support now.

Complaining... or not?

Have you uttered your first complaint of the day? … It slips right from the brain and through the mouth doesn’t it? And once you’ve said it, it becomes your partner for the moment or maybe longer. Complaints are like an infection, one feeds off the one next to it. If thoughts become things then words are vows. Pay attention to your “always” and “never” statements and the blame frequently attached to them. In the spirit of the season, let’s take a day, like today and reframe the complaint. Even if one slips by, reframe it. This is about training the monkey mind that thinks because it has a thought then it must be right. We think the thoughts we have conditioned, allowed and indulged ourselves to think and subsequently believe. Reframe day. Take this statement, “I hate this furniture, I want new furniture.” And make it “It’s going to be so great when we get our new furniture.” Even if you don’t know when it will happen, or how it will happen, play with the Universe and see what’s truly in store for you when you remove your limitations of knowing everything that’s wrong by allowing space for everything that’s right and feels life affirming. Reframe your complaints and replace the harsh vows of lack with possibility statements of love. Kids play “what if” all the time, let’s do that today. What if? What if we remember that we are the masters of our destiny and we’re letting ourselves think in a calmer state of ease and acceptance? We may not believe our words, but remember that our words are our vows and we owe it to ourselves to be faithful and believe in the “what if.” What if it’s true, that someone loves you truly and…what if you let that person be you? <3

Today is make peace day.

A normal morning does not find me in conversation with my guides as I apply my make-up. Today however is different, this is a big day they tell me, let people know! The pressure of the holidays brings about so much tension within families and friends. There is a strong urging today to put your hand out and apologize. For some to apologize is to admit wrong doing however, it is also taking control of a situation that has spun out of control. Here are some possible opening lines- “I’m sorry that…” “If I could do that over I would…” “I want to understand what happened so that we can avoid it in the future…” “I didn’t realize…” “Can we start over?” For whatever it is worth our family on the other side is urging us to extend your hand and ask to make peace.

Broken Family Ties?

Is it true that your family has "grown apart" and struggles with dysfunction? Alienation? Estrangement? If so, you may take comfort, you are not alone. Recently I have had the pleasure of meeting with many open and wounded souls. Our life paths seem to have hit a cross-road where business as usual no longer exists. Siblings that have always been close aren't speaking to one another. The manifestation of having controlling or equally wounded parents is playing out in the breakdown of what we felt we could always rely on, our family. What appears to be a breakdown is anything but. Chaos looms large in our lives that feel as though they are spinning out of control and as we struggle to grasp that one thread of hope, that too is taken from us. It’s almost as though we are being picked up, turned around and being sent in a whole new direction. Guess what? That’s exactly what’s happening! We incarnate to learn, feel and grow. Sometimes we become so entrenched in our stories and behaviors that we lose track of our souls desire to evolve. At times like these, the Universal God takes the wheel and steers us back on track to have the experiences that will fulfill our spirits request from this incarnation. They are uncomfortable and stretch us to a point we feel we can no longer endure and then, guess what? We make it. We come through the pain and whether we have the original people surrounding us or we have found new family to love us through, we come through it. You will come through it. This is a time to let go and truly, let God. The ego’s path is narrow, God’s path for us is unlimited. Trust that those who are not currently in your life supporting you are out fighting their own evolution. For today, give up the fight. Let go of the reins and you will find this chapter can go much more quickly when we live in faith. I believe in you and your souls desire to pass through this chapter with a greater understanding of it’s importance. God bless us, every one. <3