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“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

—Buddhist proverb

“I’m so lost.” “My marriage is ending and I’m afraid…” “I can’t get past the loss of my parents (child, husband, wife)” “My spouse is an alcoholic/addict/narcissist…” Life seems to get in the way of itself. The clarity we seek can be elusive.


“When you realize nothing is lacking, then the whole world belongs to you.”

—lao tzu



How I help you find clarity


In my sessions, all my attention is on you; listening, witnessing and observing every aspect of verbal and non-verbal messages. As information and messages come through, we process out disruptive and old belief patterns that prevent you from moving forward.


Julie is highly intuitive, caring and super warm and has greatly helped me to be more aware of obstacles to my health and well-being. Every time I have seen her, I have experienced major shifts in my life. she doesn’t just help dissolve obstacles whose origins lie in the past, thus allowing me to live more positively in the present, but she also guides me to build on her work with suggestions for reinforcement after each session. I’m truly grateful for her presence.
— M.P. May 7, 2019



Like a crystal ball, only better


A combination of modalities may be used. We may work in conversation (psychic) or to the beat of a drum (Shamanic). We may pull cards (Destiny Cards) or do a color consultation (Aura-Soma). Light hypnosis can also be a powerful tool to assist in getting out of the mind and in touch with our high self, without the ego’s interference. You may schedule for a specific type of session, and it may include one or more of the above-mentioned sessions – it all depends on the guidance received in the moment.