modalities to bring you closer to you


Psychic-Mediumship Session

By interpreting your energy, we will learn about how your relationships, jobs and past are supporting or suppressing your overall sense of contentment and fulfillment in life. Additionally, connection can always be made to those who have passed (human or animal…because they’re family too!). Connecting with loved ones and receiving messages are both healing and affirming that we are on our perfect path. Guidance and tools are provided to support your ability to move forward with confidence and clarity.

“My session was more than I expected. I didn’t have a motive as t why I was going, but deep down she was able to read me so well, that she knew my mean reason of going was for one specific thing. And was VERY spot on with everything. I was mind blown, and I feel as if I have a new perspective on life now. She makes the session very comfortable, and time flies quick, I wish I could send a whole day talking to her!! Definitely will be going back!”

L.T.October 16, 2018


Chakra Balancing Session

Experience recalibration of your 7 main chakras’.  A guided journey through your chakras, discover what affects the quality of your life.  Imbalance in any chakra shows up both physically and emotionally. By clearing blockages, you bring your energy into present time, no longer feeding memories that are continually fed by our precious life force. Balance returned; your perspective is brought to the present where choices and decisions reflect the mental, emotional and physical balance we all crave.

“I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed our appointment today, you are a wonderful, warm, and healing person. Thank you so much for helping me move forward in a positive way after my chakra’s being balanced.

Much love and joy to you.” 

M.D. April 29, 2019


Shamanic Drum Healing Session

We are designed to fraction off bits of ourselves during times of trauma or extreme duress. Abuse, accidents and surgery are but a few of the events that cause soul loss. When significant amounts of us are left in past experiences, we lack the umph to get over them. Experience the gentle return of your soul essence as you receive this powerful healing.

Julie is highly intuitive, caring, and super warm and has greatly helped me to be more aware of obstacles to my health and well-being. Every time I have seen her, I have experienced major shifts in my life. She doesn’t just help dissolve obstacles whose origins lie in the past, thus allowing me to live more positively in the present, but she also guides me to build on her work with suggestions for reinforcement after each session. I’m truly grateful for her presence.

M.P.  May 7, 2019


Group Sessions

The magical setting of a group, where each guest receives, messages and a check-in with where they are. When we meet as a group, messages received frequently resonate with others present creating an over uplift for everyone! Powerful for small businesses, families and friend groups. We learn that we are connected by experiences deepening our bonds.

“We were lucky enough to have a small group with Julie Sanders. There were 5 people in our group. We all laughed, and we all cried at some point, but all came away feeling happy and hopeful. She’s awesome and I would highly recommend anyone and everyone to come and see her!”

—Mary B.   March 3, 2019