We Are The Change—It Is My Wish

It is my wish

We overcome the desire to be invisible and embrace a willingness to act as a catalyst in the world.

It is my hope

We allow ourselves to receive the positivity flowing toward us when we recognize the light we see in others reflects our own glow.

It is my dream

We awaken to each day with optimism and curiosity.

We awaken to each day with a healthy desire to engage in life, and the willingness to laugh out loud and feel genuinely happy from and through the core of our being.

We are the change whether we believe it or not. Release negative stories and unhappy endings. You did not come here to suffer my friend, you came to live the best life you could fathom and beyond. You came not only to touch the hearts of others, but to be touched by the grace of friendship allowing for nourishment and restoration

There’s a place for painful memories… it is called the past. Let them rest there and refuse to tell and retell the story. It is over. You survived. The twinkle in your eye tells a tale of one walking through fire just to know that she could ... just in case.

Every breath is a new beginning, I love that for us.

Great news!

Julie SandersComment