Being Mom—Raw Grief

When my kids were little there were no cell phones. While pushing the stroller I would point out birds, leaves, clouds or anything else. Sometimes I would sing to them or be silent to listen to the sounds of nature.

It saddens me when I see parent’s pushing strollers while consumed with their cell phones – completely disconnected from the fresh new life hearing only a one-sided conversation. No matter how young, your child is listening…to everything. All time spent in their presence is an opportunity to foster their curiosity and establish their self-confidence in the value they add to our lives.

The times I thought were difficult then are nothing compared to being separated from them now. They grow-up fast and then they are gone. Take your time with your children; talk to them, play with them, hold them, trust them to understand you – they are the real investment in our future.

Foster their independence so when the time comes to set them free, they are able to set out into the world (whether it’s kindergarten or college) with a solid foundation of their value in our lives. They deserve and are entitled to our time and attention. Clean houses do not make good citizens, faithful parenting does.

It is understandable caring for a baby can at times be a lonely task as we crave adult interaction. As a stay-at-home mom I remember the relief of being in the bathroom alone or walking through the grocery store without little hands and voices demanding my attention. It is not always easy to consistently be a wonderful role model – I have vivid memories of losing my patience – parking them in front of Sesame Street and whatever other tactics I utilized for a moment of peace. I have empathy for those hours or days of struggle.

Go easy on yourself – be sure to make time to be with your friends and be just you, it will truly give you the sanity break you need to allow yourself to be more present with your precious children.

Julie SandersComment