Entities and Mental Illness—Oh My!

This will not necessarily resonate with everyone. However, it is a topic that comes up fairly regularly and so I feel inspired to share with those who have had similar experiences.

Entities and mental illness. It astounds me when healers and light workers judge mental illness as a result of entities. Frequently a spiritual diagnosis is rash advise prompting the elimination of all current medications, stating, “pharmaceuticals are poison, no exceptions.”  Such careless advice is often given with flippant disregard to any level of healing or well-being one may be experiencing as a result of said medication. Many are told, “get rid of the entities first and the mental illness will go away.” There are so many things wrong with this.

First -anyone who has not experienced mental illness – from depression to symptoms more extreme – has no clue how debilitating and life halting it can be. The delivery of difficult information must always include empathetic support and a possible pathway to resolution.

Second - if you, as a healer, have identified “entities” it is on you to assist your client in either providing a service to rid them of their unwanted companions or refer them to someone who can. Otherwise, this dismissive proclamation will leave your client feeling worse… bad and wrong for having taken medication. A large population already lives feeling bad and wrong for simply waking up in the morning and for feeling what they feel.

I do not believe in evil spirits. I do know we experience dark energies, often arising from drug abuse, alcoholism, cultural belief in evil, and/or mental illness.

 A person may behave badly when there is something wrong, whether it be physical, spiritual or emotional. The imbalance in their energy and life force is actively being expressed. If the expression is foreign and frightening, it can be uncomfortable and confusing.

The amount of discomfort we feel is relative to our understanding of the way we interact as energetic beings. We are all affected by each other in various capacities. To offer a blanket statement about mental illness being caused by entities, and to offer no help, goes against a primary foundational premise.

We as spiritual helpers must do no harm.

I have studied Shamanism. In Shamanic terms, all dis-ease is a result of power loss. Life delivers experiences both traumatic and divine. There are times when trauma results in soul (power) loss, the ultimate soul loss being death. And yet, we are designed to survive trauma by releasing bits of our soul so our being may survive. A lifetime of successive trauma may result in one being very open to negative energies thereby affecting the quality of life and overall well-being.

Medication offers to support us through the darkness as it most closely resonates with where we are vibrationally. Though pharmaceuticals are toxic, they may be the better alternative to the toxic feelings and thoughts we have running through us.

Relief is necessary for transformation and healing to occur.

In retrospect, the ‘story’ of what got us feeling so bad, is simply a story. I am passionate the story needs to be unraveled.

Often times, my life has taken me from the very depth of despair and back to light… I know and believe in our innate ability and desire to feel good.

Are you interested in exploring the benefits of Shamanic healing?  Or possibly looking at how past life threads are impacting you today?

You are worth it.

Julie Sanders