Intuition—I Told You So Is Never Kind

Intuition and wisdom do not always accompany one another. Many are aware of their intuition, (we are ALL intuitive – no exceptions). The troubling aspect arises when intuition is used as a form of control or with an implied threat of something bad will happen.

As intuitive beings, we interpret energy. It is the simplest description I offer – The interpretation of your energy. Interpreting energy may include information relating to relationships, events, and or struggles.

Over time, when we allow ourselves to trust our little voice, we build confidence in what we feel, allowing it to grow in accuracy and strength. The caveat is…. just because we may have an insight into something, we are not entitled or obligated to share.

Approaching a troubling topic requires tact, empathy and experience.

It is totally off limits to say, “I knew it.” “I tried to tell you.” It is damaging to use information to undermine another’s pathway to their personal power. Intuition does not grant us permission to disempower anyone. We all learn in our own way, in our own time.

I told you so is never kind.

There are those that use their knowing to persuade others to do what they think is best, when in reality, the best way to handle your life is your business. Obviously, this does not include harm being done to another, I am speaking about walking their personal path and how they conduct themselves along the way. As my wise mother used to tell me, “You have the right to make your own mistakes.” This was her way of giving me space to make choices and not be shamed in the process.

Wisdom. This is the result of living through our choices and learning from them. Our decisions lay out our pathway and we have the right to make them, good, bad or otherwise. The need to have anyone do what we think they should, is an ego trip. Beware the person who likes to be told what to do. While it may be difficult to watch your loved one’s trip and stumble, we have the power to allow them the space to figure it out.

Compassion says, I’ll be here if you fall. Wisdom says, I believe in you, you’ve got this. We do not always have all the answers for ourselves let alone for another.

This is not a weakness.

Trust your intuitive voice. If you have a feeling that someone you love needs support, show up.

If there is an appropriate way to share your information without disempowering or including an implied threat of doom, do it.

One of my early mentors gave me a vital piece of wisdom that I hold true.

If you are not asked, don’t offer.

Do not share your information with others as this turns the divine message to gossip. Respect your people and their need to process intimate details in their own time, in their own way.

Julie SandersComment